Spice Girls cut their world tour

Spice Girls cut their world tourParticipant-identified group Spice Girls took the decision to reduce their long-awaited tour "on family circumstances".The girl who started the tour on 2 December in Vancouver, Canada, after a series of concerts at the site of the O2 Arena in London were supposed to go to Australia, China, South Africa and Argentina. However, as it became known, the last performance of the group will be held on February 26 in Toronto.The representative of "perchonok" explained their decision, "family obligations". "Unfortunately, the tour should be completed by the end of February due to family and personal circumstances of Emma, Jerry, Mel b, Melanie C and Victoria," he said.Manager, group public Affairs noted that unforeseen difficulties were also faced by the organizers of the world tour. "Due to phenomenal demand for tickets in the UK and USA, with the need for enormous logistics of such a tour to combine all failed," he said. - When the girls get back to normal family life and their children going back to school, again they will consider various options. No one knows what to present to future.".

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