The new version of the disappearance of `man frog`

The new version of the disappearance of `man frog`A new twist has been the story of the mysterious disappearance in April 19, 1956 in Portsmouth Harbor of the great British diver Lionel Crabbe.Britain was visited by the cruiser "Ordzhonikidze" the Soviet leaders Nikita Khrushchev and Nikolai Bulganin. As called them the editor of one of the British Newspapers, and H. B. London could not afford the scandal with Russian comrades H. and B., but the device of the Soviet cruiser, which arrived Bulganin and Khrushchev, the British were extremely interested. Therefore, Crabb went to explore the bottom of the "Ordzhonikidze", not even counted in the British Navy. Since then, as he came out of Portsmouth with some of Smith's more diver no one saw.In the episode "the Secret history", which was released on the channel REN TV on Thursday evening called "Revelations of a sea devil, a retired diver Eduard Koltsov said that, having suspected wrong, the command sent him to examine the situation under the keel "Ordzhonikidze".Koltsov found the Englishman who tried to attach a mine to the hull, and cut his throat, reports NEWSru ua. "I saw a silhouette of a diver in the form of fussing with something on the right side, near the ship's store of ammunition," said the pensioner. I got closer and saw that he attaches a mine." While Koltsov showed the knife that he used, and the order of the red star, which, according to him, he was later decorated for bravery.According to Koltsova, he found Crabbe establishing a mine. While even non-official sources in the UK have accused the diver in an attempt to mine "Ordzhonikidze".In 1955, in Portsmouth harbour entered Soviet cruiser "Sverdlov". The British have long had an interest in this vessel. He possessed excellent maneuverability and easy to obey the helm. The British could not unravel the secret of agility "Sverdlov" and therefore sent to him a diver, spy, reports the website of the Submerged Productions. Then Crabb fulfilled its mission and returned. He found the nose a large round hole. Inside was a prop that can be lowered to different levels to achieve better handling, and hence the maneuverability of the vessel, according to the English authorities wanted to get a more detailed description. Their opportunity came in April 1956, when the Soviet government leaders arrived in Britain on an official visit. In a small fleet of three ships was part of the cruiser "Ordzhonikidze" twin brother "Sverdlov".The incident with the cruiser "Ordzhonikidze" actually drowned the efforts of the new rapprochement of post-war Britain and the Soviet Union, just say goodbye with Stalin. Moscow then protested, stating that the receiving party was spying on the guests, and representatives of the British government at the parliamentary hearings the question was asked, not out there on the intelligence agencies under his control.London and was not given secrets - the secret is valid until the year 2057British intelligence was declassified only some of the documents relating to the disappearance of Crabbe. The bulk of the information remains closed until 2057. The English authorities at the time, hastened to deny the incident, saying that had nothing to do with him. The then Prime Minister Anthony Eden warned members of Parliament that disclosure of the circumstances surrounding the death of Crabbe contrary to national interests. "What was done was not made at the direction of Her Majesty's Ministers, and without their knowledge," he added at the same time British Prime Minister.About a year later British shores was decapitated corpse was found on the submariner without hands, which were identified as the remains of Crabbe and buried. Identified these remains his partner through the dives and close friend of Sydney Noles. Later he admitted that he lied. "It was not his body, but intelligence Colonel Malcolm asked me to say the opposite for political reasons, in order to serve our country," said Noles.There were only declassified testimony of a naval officer who last saw the diver before the dive. The officer, who is not named, said that Crabb asked him to help with immersion "is completely unofficial and purely private way.".

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