Alla Pugacheva has experienced the death of a `friend`

Alla Pugacheva has experienced the death of a `friend`Alla Pugacheva in anticipation of the year of the Rat admitted that she is afraid of rats and mice. However, it was in the life of a diva is a mouse that has almost become her friend. However, the friendship ended in great sorrow."I'm afraid of rats, mice, spiders, - said Alla. - Br-R-R-R! But there was one mouse in my life that I was not afraid. I her name was Gertrude. It appeared when we lived in a small wooden house. At night I wrote a letter to his beloved, and this mouse came to me, climbed through the pantry to the table. And sat".Soon Alla Pugacheva accustomed to his new "friend". "I then sprinkled the cookies, - says Alla. - But, apparently, the neighbors she was tired, and steel mouse poison. So one night I sat down to write another letter, Gertrude crawled up me and died. Oh, it was a great sorrow. I then another long reprimanding neighbors that it is wrong to abuse animals...".To celebrate the coming year of the Rat Alla Pugacheva will be together with friends, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."Every New year I celebrated in the circle of his closest friends," said the singer. "You all know my friends is Yudashkin, Buynov, Basque... a Small but very cheerful circle. And here in this circle, I always feel happy. This year we will gather at one of the houses my friends. And will walk in full!" Source: Alla Pugacheva has experienced the death of a "friend"".

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