Uncovered a terrible secret chest `VIA gra`

Uncovered a terrible secret chest `VIA gra` New soloist of the popular group can boast a curvy shape, but it demonstrates the enviable trick. To visually increase the volume of the sweetest parts of her body, Meseda Bagaudinova wears two foam bra at each other.From the first days of the parish Meseda the group visible to the naked eye, and its curvy shape depending on the dress.Transparent outfits opened the admirers of creativity of a group of very modest size chest Bagaudinova, but worth it to wear a gown with closed bodice, chest up, as if by magic.The trickSimilar cases in "VIA GRE" do not occur for the first time. In a similar way to breast enlargement was using at the time, the other soloist of collective Albina dzhanabaeva. But then the girl used a less sophisticated method. She had simply put in a special bra pads that significantly increased the breast.Meseda went further: her way is much more efficient and reliable. To make the volume of the breast exactly two sizes larger, you just need to put the bodice on one another. Thus, breast, first, increases, secondly, there is concern that at the crucial moment will fall out wool, special pads or other means, came to hand in the dressing room. Moreover, this method is quite natural, and even if awkward movement will lift the dress and the secret place will appear to the audience, then nothing but a regular bra, the audience will not see.This terrible secret was discovered in the dressing room of the Moscow club, where the shooting took place new year's concert "Muz". The girl took my dress off, then undid the bra, which completely freely located another. However, the last one was a size smaller and lighter. Source: Revealed the terrible secret of the chest of "VIA gra" (photo).

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