Ksenia Novikova pregnant

Ksenia Novikova pregnantThe former lead singer of "Brilliant" Ksenia Novikova is on the third month of pregnancy, according to the newspaper "Your day".First pregnancy 27-year-old singer passes difficult. Last Saturday She wasn't feeling well and decided immediately to go to the doctors. Towards evening Ksenia came to one of the maternity hospitals of the capital. After examining the patient, doctors said she was okay and recommended to undergo a full examination."For Ksenia is the first pregnancy, so it's no wonder she's so stressed," says one of the doctors clinic.Hearing that she's all right, Novikova about your going home, but doctors still persuaded her to stay the day and take a course that improves immunity. The next evening She left the clinic.Itself Novikova conceal the fact of pregnancy. She is superstitious and afraid to jinx her future baby. The name of the father of the child she also keeps in strict confidence. We only know that a year and a half ago, She was going to tie the knot with 31-year-old businessman named Andrew, but then not married. Nevertheless, the close relationship the pair was able to save.At the end of last year, Kseniya Novikova left the band "Shiny" in order to start a solo career. Source: Ksenia Novikova pregnant.

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