Ksenia Sobchak found yourself a new `oligarch`

Ksenia Sobchak found yourself a new `oligarch`Xenia, earned the image of a hunter of the oligarchs, in fact rather more mundane man.As found "Z", the controversial presenter has close friends of the Director General of the radio station "Silver rain" Dmitry Savitsky.This 37 year old man was seen with her when they returned from Los Angeles, where he spent nearly three weeks. They little resembled ordinary friends.MysterySome time ago Sobchak saw with businessman and diplomat Vagifem the Yengibaryan, but now it seems that in her personal life has changed, she tried to hide from everyone. Appearing in public with Timothy and Sergey Lazarev and arranging with them the erotic show, actually all this time, She quietly built relationships with Dmitry. But knew only a few.Than Sawicki has attracted the attention of such a controversial nature, as She can only guess. Before she was familiar with a talented Manager, but, apparently, a closer relationship between them arose when she began working at the radio station.AirportIf surrounded by many cameras Sobchak tries to shock the audience, darting from one man to another, next to the Savitsky She was not herself. She gently hugged Dmitri, cute and smiled modestly. In General, behaved like a girl in love. Driving through Moscow on Mercedes, presenter on arrival from Los Angeles did not cause personal driver, and jumped into the VW Dmitry.- I'm not going to say anything about our relationship. - Sobchak was laconic in conversation with the correspondent "Z". Source: Ksenia Sobchak found yourself a new "tycoon"".

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