The rating of the Russian `daddy's girls`

The rating of the Russian `daddy's girls`In Russia a new phenomenon is sweeping revolution spoiled children.Daughter of a powerful Russian oligarchs gain recognition in a variety of areas - from the development of designer clothes and pop music to television and publishing business, writes NEWSru Money, citing The Daily Mail. How does the withdrawal of the British edition, helps girls fabulous wealth of the fathers.Ordinary Russians compare these girls with spoiled daughters of the Royal aristocrats who fired the feeling of envy, daveee the beginning of the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.And if in America the emergence of people like Paris Hilton, left 200 years, in Russia the characters in her manner appeared 16 years after the collapse of the USSR.According to Robert Service, Professor of Russian history at Oxford University, the key to understanding the conspicuous wastefulness and extravagant lifestyle of the fathers of these girls can serve their biography."Their fathers, suddenly became rich after the collapse of the USSR, in the bulk came from marginalized ethnic and social groups of Soviet society," said Service. They are starving on welfare, and when they had the chance, used it on all hundred. They wanted the money and excitement, it is not surprising that those who have daughters, not to hide away from this dazzling whirlwind"."Unlike their fathers, these girls did not have to participate in dark deeds in order to stand out in people," says Service, and they have grown surprisingly extravagant, incredibly energetic and enthusiastic than are somewhat reminiscent of the American rich 1920-ies. These girls are phenomenally popular, and at the same time don't like them".The rating of Russia's "daddy's girls".

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