Renata Litvinova had a boob job (photos, video)

Renata Litvinova had a boob job (photos, video)Close friend Zemfira Renata Litvinova decided on a sensational act. Popular actress and Director went to the center of beauty and health, wishing to increase breast volume.As found "Z", to the beauty center, located in the district of Trekhgorny Shaft, Renata came several times a week.And in my first visit to an eccentric lady from the very threshold wished that she be given the best specialist in the field of care of Breasts.According to employees of the salon, Litvinova enrolled in special education on breast care, resorted to by many women after thirty years.- Renata came to us last time last week - told the "Z" one of employees of Institute of beauty. - We made her a special procedure to improve the elasticity of the breast, this massage increases slightly and the volume of the breast.ProceduresMoreover, Litvinova wished that all of the procedures that she performed at this centre, created with the help of expensive drugs known firm, which, in her opinion, suited her skin perfectly.In addition to concerns about the size of your bust Renata, as it turned out, not less worries and for the condition of the skin. According to the doctor-cosmetologist, which also addressed a celebrity, due to improper diet and hormonal disturbances in the body on the face of the actress appeared pimples and confusing ulceration.- After a few treatments Renata's all gone, and now she just takes her breast, - with a smile said the celebrity doctor. - Litvinova it does not spare neither strength nor the time, its not even embarrassed enough great price for a session of about three hundred dollars.Source: Renata Litvinova had a boob job (photos, video).

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