The militia searches for Zemfira for piracy

The militia searches for Zemfira for piracyThe staff of the 9th of Department UBEP of the municipal Department of internal Affairs of Moscow yesterday during the RAID seized a shipment of counterfeit disks with the album "Thank you" Zemfira.Recall that the album was first released no record label and publishing house "Kommersant". The disc is attached to the magazine РЎitizen K, which produces the publishing house and distributed through the network of salons of communication "the Euronetwork".Official sales of the album and the magazine began on 1 October, and on the pirate counters, as told operatives of the special services, the discs appeared last Wednesday. Store LLC "Leader", who became the first subject of investigation police, located in the shopping center "Novogireevo" right at the entrance to the office of "Euroset", informs "Kommersant".Yesterday operatives, dressed in civilian clothes, went to the store and did control the purchase of counterfeit disk Zemfira."The discs recorded way home on the computer, printing of the cover is very bad, but the drive is not the license number and name of the manufacturer," explained one of the operatives. - All symptoms of counterfeit goods".Interestingly, the pirates added to the original 13 tracks of album 8 songs of Zemfira from past works of the singer and sold it for 120 rubles (legal costs 140 rubles). Together with the album "Thank you" were seized and several hundred other drives.Now they will check the examination, after which the materials will be sent to the Prosecutor's office for initiating a criminal case under article 146 of the criminal code ("Violation of copyright and related rights"). Police say they soon will hold a number of similar raids on the points where illegally sold the new album Zemfira. Source: the Militia searches for Zemfira for piracy.

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