Glyukoza: lives In me little woman

Glyukoza: lives In me little womanCapturing a new clip Глюкоzы for the track "song of the butterfly" held in Kiev under the guidance of Director Alan Badoev.On the idea of the writer Natasha will appear in the video in the form of a romantic woman. "The years go by, my music is changing, becoming more modernized, told Glyukoza. - My producer Max Fadeev saw that I grew up with that lives in me little woman. Therefore, we changed the image, but the toon you will see, however, a bit different".According to the newspaper "Today", the clip will tell the audience about a meeting with your favorite singer and all the twists and turns of their relationship. But instead of vzdyhayu and tears, lots of acrobatic stunts. "There will be difficult jumps, breaking walls, and no doubles! Natasha will do everything herself, " says Badoev. "I want the viewer saw her face, her emotions". According to the singer, when put acrobatics, it's been really tough, but Natasha through life doing yoga and it really helped.Is the first clip after the birth of my baby girl, - Ionova told in interview to the newspaper "Your day". - So I'm very excited. I would like to show people something totally new, so they understand - Glucose already grown up. We are not moving away from animation, clip graphics, just it will be a new, higher level. My new video about love but not about erotica. Sex oversaturated videos of other performers, and I don't want to be like them. There are plenty of other things to interest and surprise.Before filming, I was warned that a backup will not, and all the tricks I have to do myself. At first I thought it was nothing, because I already did Pilates and climbing. But when it came to shooting, I had some strange fear. Choreographers for more than an hour had me to persuade me to do a somersault and flew. At this point I was only thinking about her husband and daughter... I miss my baby. Call home every half hour, asking how she's doing. While I am in Kiev, we have on duty is left dad, so I'm not worried about my baby - he will take care of everything.Sunday on the set was off. "I really wanted to walk around Kiev - shared Glucose - but I have such a catastrophic lack of sleep, and today in the morning had to be a cucumber. So I slept all Sunday!".

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