Raspavshiysya Pugacheva called the police

Raspavshiysya Pugacheva called the police In an expensive restaurant, where he performed Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, tried to rush the police. Police have raided a private party of a businessman, for whom sang the main star of the Russian platform.While the guests enjoyed the loud singing Pugacheva, residents of neighboring houses, trying to relax on a Sunday evening, could not resist the sounds of noisy revelry and decided to stop raspavshiysya diva, call in "02".When Alla began to perform his hits, not only in the restaurant, but on the street there has been a revival. The divas performance at the festival of the oligarch in the center of Moscow is not common. Gorgeous voice Pugacheva was audible to the inhabitants of all the neighboring houses. Many of them, despite the cold, opened the window and pushed his head out, listened with delight Pugacheva. But the singing Alla Borisovna had in mind is not all. One of the residents of a nearby house took courage... and called the police!"Storm".

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