Tom cruise won an award for `courage`

Tom cruise won an award for `courage`Hollywood actor Tom cruise won the prestigious German film awards for his willingness to take risks during the filming of the movies.Award for "courage" will be presented to the actor at the 59th annual ceremony, Bambi Awards, which will be held in Dusseldorf, reports Reuters.The prize Committee noted that Cruz takes on a rather ambitious projects, which without him would not have been never implemented. Among them the film "Valkyrie", telling about the failed operation to destroy the German dictator Adolf Hitler during the Second world war.In the ribbon, the actor plays the role of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who was executed for plotting the assassination of Hitler in 1944. "Tom cruise will introduce people around the world with a page of history that Hollywood had no interest in: resistance to the Third Reich within Germany," - said in the press release of the award.However, a certain resistance to the German authorities had to cruise during the filming of "Valkyrie". The Ministry of defence had intended to prohibit to shoot some scenes from the movie in the memorial complex of Bendlerblock, located on the territory of the Ministry of defense of Germany in Berlin, where Stauffenberg and his associates developed a plan of attack, and where he was during it.However, the Ministry conceded after the producers managed to convince the authorities that post-war Germany will be shown in a good light. As stated by press Secretary of the Ministry of defense Thomas Raabe, the tape will underline that "barbaric regime failed to win over democratic Germany".Earlier, the German Minister of defence Franz Joseph objected to Cruz played the role of Stauffenberg, because the actor is a member of the Church of Scientology, which the German government does not recognize. However, the representative of the press service of the government said that the shooting was denied, in order "not to desecrate the Holy place." The building, known as Bendlerblock in the yard which were shot by members of the conspiracy against Hitler, is the memorial to the fighters of the resistance to the Third Reich. Source: Tom cruise won an award for "courage"".

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