Britney Spears beat their children

Britney Spears beat their childrenBritney Spears in the new year still remains the heroine of scandals. We already wrote about that in the beginning of January, after another meeting with the sons Britney was taken to the clinic, and kids to take by force.Become known and new details of the incident.It turns out that in that day the police found on the body of Jayden James, youngest son of Britney, bruises and track at least one bite.As reported by an anonymous source in the police Department of Los Angeles has a detailed report on the visit to the house of the singer. When police arrived at the house of Spears, she began to shout that they were removed.Remaining outside the house the police saw in the window that Britney was in the bath room with his younger son Jaden, and the boy was clearly not in any kind of danger.Police first were going to break the bathroom door down, but it was unlocked. Britney just rocked his son. This incident for Britney Spears ended at the medical center, which among other things, assessed her mental state.Surveyed and children of a former pop star. On the body of the little Jayden James showed the bruises and bite marks, writes US Weekly. However, it later emerged that Britney Spears to these injuries.According to the bodyguard of the ex-wife of singer Kevin Federline, there were bruises on the body of Jayden before the date with mom. And bit the kid his older brother Sean Preston.By the way, the survey Britney showed traces of alcohol and narcotic in her blood there. So scandalous incident with the refusal Spears to send their children to the former husband, with whom they live according to the court, most likely caused by the emotional state zvezdy, and Vose, not intoxication. Source: Britney Spears beat their children.

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