Greedy Galkin and Pugacheva left without work

Greedy Galkin and Pugacheva left without workAlla and Maxim in the past year have not only to live together, and hold joint performances. In order not to leave and to celebrate the New year together, a diva and a parodist Duo decided to speak at corporate events.But for a joint concert directly in the new year's eve Pugacheva and Galkin wrung such a fee that they did not want to see in their celebrations, even the richest people of Moscow.The legend of the national stage and her young friend asked for an exclusive performance 250 thousand euros and was, as the saying goes, out of business, the newspaper "Your day".As you know, on the night of December 31 to January 1 of the almost all favorite artists instead of the traditional feast go on stage. Still, because any other day they will not earn so much higher fee. There are those who manage four hours to catch at least three places. But Alla and Maxim to this category do not apply. For the only concert they demanded exorbitant fees and as a result remained without work.However, for them it might be for the best, because now the New year they will meet together in the company of friends at the cottage the couple Buynevich.Valery MeladzeDespite the fact that new year's eve the singer wanted to see many, Valery refused to go on stage in this watch, rejecting a fee of 50 thousand euros. To celebrate the New year with those closest to him were more important.Kristina OrbakaiteRequests of this singer is much more modest than many of their colleagues, but Christina did not dare to run into failure. For 35 thousand euros it has time to perform in the New year in three places.Verka SerduchkaAlthough resilient, "the conductor" after "Eurovision" fell into disgrace in our country, a festive night is still demand, that's why she requested a fee of one hundred thousand euros.ValeriaFor the singer's performance on the night of 31 1 January rich "Pinocchio" were willing to pay 50 thousand euros. But Valeria, exhausted for the last month endless concerts, chose to celebrate the New year in the company of strangers, but with family in warm places.Zhanna FriskeSexy Jeanne will seduce wealthy men in the new year's eve for 25 thousand euros. The price is not too high, but the singer will be pleased to see a few private clubs.Dima BilanBest musician of the year and new year's eve may be the best. He hopes to give three concerts - two outside Moscow and one in the capital, at a party at a Russian oligarch, who laid out for the performance Bilan 90 thousand euros.Nikolay BaskovThis year the singer has grown not only ratings, but also the amount of the fee. Despite the price of one hundred thousand euros, "the Golden voice of Russia" in the new year's eve snapped. So to friends for a festive table he gets only in the morning."VIA Gra".

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