Britney Spears was expecting her third child

Britney Spears was expecting her third childBritney Spears is pregnant again. She wrote about it to your friends via e-mail. In his forthright letter to the singer told the name of the father of the child.According to Britney Spears, is an American music producer Jonathan Rotem, it supports the relationship since she divorced Kevin motherhood. The producer has confirmed in an interview with the magazine "In Touch" that Britney is now four weeks is under the heart of his child.In the already mentioned historical email the singer also sent friends a copy of the ultrasound. Britney is confident that this baby will change her life, and his birth will end her streak. She wrote to friends that Jonathan Rotem is the perfect father for her baby. And, this is despite the fact that he is in an interview with the magazine "Blender" very frankly respectful and not talked about his sexual relationship with the singer.In short, Britney never ceases to amaze. And now it becomes clear why the last two weeks brightened considerably, often laughing and smiling. Before the friends of the singer tied it with her new budding romance with actor Michael Marcanda, part-time waiter in the restaurant "Mirabella". Apparently, now this relationship will end.Recall that Britney Spears is already a happy mother of two-year-old Sean Preston and one-year-old Jayden James. For them all this year Britney waged an unceasing struggle with ex-husband Kevin motherhood. At the moment, by a court decision two sons of the infamous star now living with his father. Although it is also reported that the court has allowed Britney Spears to spend Christmas with children.As for the father of her third Chad, Jonathan is a very famous music producer in the USA. He works with such stars as rapper 50 Cent, beyoncГ© Knowles and singer Rihanna. He is producing the new album of Britney Spears "Blackout" and is also a producer ex-husband of singer Kevin Federline. Source: Britney Spears is expecting her third child.

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