Britney Spears once again flaunts outstan underwear

Britney Spears once again flaunts outstan underwear Troublemaker Britney Spears has once again resorted to his favorite way to draw the attention of the media. Tabloid star appeared in the company of her new boyfriend, photographer of Arab origin Adnan of Kaliba, in the Los Angeles restaurant, the Gaucho Grill.Britney was wearing a black mini-dress, which traditionally were not cowards. After that, the paparazzi attacked his former colleagues who tried to photograph the couple. During the scuffle in the school was broken table and a few chairs, writes The Daily Mail.Meanwhile, fearless paparazzi, who were not afraid of the wrath of Kaliba, photographed Britney when you exit the shop Kitson, which opened specially for the stars late at night, so she could go shopping without prying eyes. Spears came into the store a man's shirt and torn fishnets, which she seems to not remove for a week.However obscene the kind mother of two children nobody paid attention, as on the ring finger of the right hand she wore a new wedding ring. The photo confirms the rumors that Spears is going to marry his Arab friend and puts pressure on him with the purpose that he probably filed for divorce from current wife.Meanwhile, the most desperate photographers have paid for their curiosity. Tonight four employees of the tabloid were arrested by the police for speeding and dangerous driving. The paparazzi was stalking Brittany in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Each photographer will have to pay 5 thousand dollars. As reported in police, Britney, too, was speeding, but the charges of dangerous driving her were not presented, reports Reuters.As reported, Britney said that one of the cars, the brand which she could not name, tried to pull her to the side and to push out of the way. 26-year-old Britney is the target of the paparazzi literally the number one since her divorce from Kevin and motherhood. Litigation regarding the joint custody of their children Sean Preston and Jaidena James and the attendant scandals highlight all the media around the world. Source: Britney Spears again flaunts outstan underwear (photo).

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