Not a good time for celebrities (terrible photo)

Not a good time for celebrities (terrible photo)The website for ABC News published photos of celebrities that are not in the most successful moments of their lives.American singer Diana Ross bruzga and aged - groomed star without makeup and with bags in their hands prying paparazzi caught on the street in Los Angeles. The photo was taken on 9 November 2007, after lunch in the city.Divorced pop star Britney Spears was removed at the outlet of the boutique Crystal Place in Los Angeles on November 4, 2007 after she took children. Recently almost any photo of the former pop Princess can be called a failure: it will come out third chin growing after two kids singer reveals cellulite on all parts of the body. It is not surprising therefore, it seems constant aggression Britney against the paparazzi.The former "James bond", British actor Pierce Brosnan, photographed on a yacht in Greece during the break between filming his new movie Mamma Mia this year. Looking at the huge bulging hairy belly Brosnan, is hardly possible to imagine how this same person recently played the sexy sardeega 007.44-year-old star of "Desperate Housewives" felicity Huffman photographers caught while Jogging near his home in Los Angeles in the company of her husband. It turns out that even sports and healthy lifestyle powerless - that's what comes to mind when looking at cellulite thighs actress.The aging actress demi Moore helps numerous plastic surgeries, which, according to rumors, she regularly makes. October 1, 2007 at the film festival in San Sebastian, ex-wife of Bruce Willis was presented his new film, as if ironically called "flawless", and looked just awful.65-year-old actress and singer Barbra Streisand was removed, when it was checked how the construction of her new home, not noticing while surfing it the paparazzi. However, the star of "Ugly girls" does not hide his age and not young.Pretty plump 47-year-old American actor Val Kilmer, who once played Batman in "Batman forever", now hardly pull the role of a superhero.The appearance of the fashion designer, 52-year-old Donatella Versace never ceases to cause negative criticism. Connoisseurs of female beauty horrified face as the stars, and her aging body. In the photo, taken this summer on the beach in Sardinia, Donatella shows its ugly rear.70-year-old actor Jack Nicholson on 7 July 2007 were vacationing on a yacht in France in the company of girls and was filmed in all its glory: with a saggy belly and with a huge sandwich in his hands. The fact that Nicholson rapidly and extremely untidy aging why not prevent him from being a heartthrob. Jack continued to peck girls and women of all ages.Actress Kate Hudson while Jogging on the Hawaiian beach demonstrates his flabby stomach. However, a little later, Kate still managed to get in shape and be beautiful again.When the sister of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, gained weight, her photos are relished by all the tabloids. From pounds she tried to take a jog on the beach.The former boyfriend of Mischa Barton, Brandon Davis, accusing Lindsay Lohan in vulgarity, took off on vacation on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Davis is not even trying to hide his obese body without the slightest hint of muscle. Very noticeable that the gym is not his style.Lately it's hard to find a flattering photo of Britney Spears in the press, and there were times when the photo of the fallen pop star was just shocking.49-year-old Madonna, perhaps, and is in good physical shape, but vein-cordage on it covered with an old woman's skin, the hands do not give rest to the British tabloids. The photo was taken on September 26, 2007 in London.Any paparazzi at the Ivy restaurant in Beverly hills say that celebrities come there just to take a picture of them, but Abdul Golf this photo is clearly not like. Sagging Breasts and flushed cheeks can hardly be called beautiful.California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't look like "the Terminator" during the holidays on the French island of Saint barthГ©lemy. Maybe once this man and was awarded the title of "Mr. Olympia", but it becomes apparent that it was very long ago.After photos where Kate moss appeared in a short leopard print jacket, the British tabloids have branded her "flabby knees, worthy of a much older woman." These photos are not satisfied Kate, a profession which involves impeccable appearance and youthfulness.While shopping in West Hollywood Melanie Griffith was chatting with a friend and during the conversation lifted my shirt. Unfortunately, there was a photographer who captured flabby cellulite stomach stars.When the tabloids caught Tyra banks in excess weight, she answered them in the broadcast of her show, Tyra Banks Show, showing her figure. Source: Not a good time for celebrities (terrible photo).

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