Andrey Karaulov turned the son into a weapon of revenge wife

Andrey Karaulov turned the son into a weapon of revenge wifeAndrey Karaulov, the TV programme "Moment of truth", is hiding in a country house son Vasya. He stole him from his ex-wife Ksenia. The poor mother managed to break through to the child. But soulless guard snatched the crying baby out of her arms like a doll.After attempts Xenia son back she struck more troubles.Four Vasya his mighty dad Andrey Karaulov was taken away from my mother for 40 kilometers from Moscow, in the village of Novoglagolevo Narofominsk district. Here the journalist Barony - three acres of land, enclosed with a three-meter fence, and beautiful house of 500 square meters. To get noticed in the estate - the gate guard post. Massive space, which once housed the 15 households, and now BestBuy senior "moment of truth", constantly patrolled.To search for the son she had not come alone, but accompanied by representatives of bodies of guardianship and guardianship.Yesterday in Savelovsky court of Moscow held a hearing on the lawsuit Karaulova: he demands to be allowed to see his son four times a week instead of 12 hours on Saturdays, allotted to him by the previous decision. Without waiting for the legal outcome of the case, Andrey stole the child from his ex-wife during a walk with the nanny, and the court altogether. Instead he sent a lawyer. The lady reported that the TV presenter went on foreign trips. Upon hearing this statement, the judge ordered to examine the country Karaulova and find out if there is a child. The eminent lawyer of television did not deny that Bob is the father, and assured, as if no one bothers Xenia to see his son.The little prisonerThe road to the gate possessions Karaulova is blocked by a barrier. The journalist has something to protect. The wealth of a mansion tell by all in the district. Karaulov leads friendship with many of the powerful. Whimsical interiors of the mansion is more like a Museum. Here inlaid with mother from top to bottom 200-kilogrammovyh a closet full of exhibits, worthy of exhibition, the antique piano, precious vases, dinner sets.Sentries - the owner of a rare collection of stuffed and live exotic animals. Among them there is even an alligator. The mansion is also home editing Studio.Barely representatives of bodies of guardianship and Ksenia tried to pass through the barrier, rushed towards the guards. At first, firmly shot down the guys blocked the road even to the authorities. But, realizing that ignoring the law will fail attempt. But the ex-wife Karaulova to let on the territory of giving abandoned, although Xenia is the rightful owner of the territory. Part of the land on which stretches of country ownership Karaulova, and to this day her property.But the guards without getting into the legal niceties, vigorously carry out the orders of the master: do not let go! Barely skinny Xenia tried to go, it was immediately tossed aside.- Let me talk to the kid, I have a right to see him! - cried the unhappy mother.But cool Jock again and again pushed her through the gate. Xenia conceded only after threatening to cause a riot.At this time, four Bob walked in accompanied by two women near his home. Seeing my mother, he joyfully ran to meet her, but it caught prehensile hands of nurses. The baby cried and struggled, but strangers, indifferent aunt took him in the house.Here the representatives of the guardianship and she had to overcome another cordon of protection. Security journalist called for reinforcements - the local precinct.And yet fulfil an order the judge had unwanted guests are allowed to enter the house and presented to the child.Bob rushed to her mother and cried in her arms.- He asked me: "Mommy, I wanna go home, take me away!" - says Ksenia. Guard Joe was literally torn away from me. The son went into hysterics, crying, and I sobbed. It was a heartbreaking scene, but OPEC representatives are not empowered to take the child, they could only ascertain whether it is in the mansion of the father.Karaulov to meet representatives of the authorities did not. Perhaps he really was absent.- Andrew works a lot and can't raise my son myself. For a child looked after by the nurses. But Vasya is very painful boy.He needs special care. A child is forced to suffer. And all at the whim of a man who calls himself a loving father! - crying Xenia.Having confirmed that the journalist actually stole from his ex-wife's son, the next day the judge ordered that the bailiffs returned the child to mother.But police officers still have not been in the house her ex-husband - says Ksenia. - Guard inhibits the execution of the decisions of the judges. At his request on the authorities pressured his friends in high places. It turns out that the host of the "Moment of truth" above the law.The flame of discordWhen the material is ready for printing, Xenia called the office and reported that on the night of December 18, lit up her dining "Bakery" in Lyalin lane.The fire started by the back door. Starting the fire was noticed by the residents, among them living in the house singer Lolita. Firefighters were on time and caused flames to flare up was not given. Now the investigation is ATC's Basmanny district.And on the eve of arson in the cafГ© welcomed the representatives of the auditee. They presented provocatively absurd complaint, allegedly written by the visitor. It States that "the poor" to the plate from the ceiling fell a living rat. The inspectors threatened to close the company Xenia.- Too many coincidences. I want to break and threaten. May I hope that I'll stop fighting for the return of Wassily. But I stand: Bob should not suffer. How can you not remember the threat Karaulova to make my life hell, says already accustomed to repel Xenia. Source: Andrey Karaulov turned the son into a weapon of revenge wife.

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