Fallen beauty Queen, deprived of the crown

Fallen beauty Queen, deprived of the crown High demands for moral authority of the main beauty of the country impose on many national competitions. After receiving the title of the next "Miss" should be a year to turn into a cross between the Holy and the good fairy.And during and after competitions the participants are under scrutiny - their past and present analyze in search of dirt. And unable to hide anything.In the city of Tucson, Arizona, is the court in the case of an armed attack and kidnapping of the three finalist of the beauty contests of Arizona 25-year-old Kumari Fulbright (Kumari Fulbright), along with three friends, and friends - miss Pima County -2005 and miss Desert Sun -2006 - December 2007 10 hours kept in captivity by her ex-boyfriend.Another "beauty Queen" was less fortunate - miss Nevada Katie Rees was stripped of the title on December 22, 2006, after the appearance of racy photos on the Internet.Dethroned Miss Nevada admitted he was "devastated" when he saw the incriminating photos of her posted on the sites.... "I was shocked. Of course, I'm not proud of it. But, what's done is done. And all I have left is to live on," she says.Remembering that party, she said: "We were just young idiots and walked hard. We tried a drink that I don't like it, but yeah, then we cheerfully walked. Nothing more".However, Katie Reese contends that it was deprived of the crown illegally. She became the winner of Miss Nevada in April 2006. And only from that moment, she stresses, it can be considered a "public figure", which must obey certain unwritten rules and be an example to all. The ill-fated party happened three years before the beauty contest, which she won..."I deserve this title," she insists. I deserve everything that is connected with it. And I worked hard for this. I don't understand what changing these photos".It is said that she not only went to bars and partying with miss USA Tara Conner, but was with her in a love affair. However, apparently for lack of evidence the case did not progress.However, in the misconduct of accused and beauties of the past... in 1973, Marjorie Wallace, the first American who won the contest "Miss World", has lost the crown for being "dated too many men".In 1984 Vanessa Williams, the first African-American to be awarded the title of "Miss America", has agreed to pose Nude for Penthouse magazine.And as a result lost his title.In 2006, Miss great Britain Danielle Lloyd has posed naked for Playboy magazine and parted with his title.And in the summer of 2007, someone anonymously sent the jury racy photos of miss new Jersey, Amy Polumbo. But Amy decided that the best way of dealing with Blackmailers is to tell everyone the truth. One of the photographs shows that the man of Palumbo called his boyfriend, touching her Breasts under her t-shirt. On another photo Palumbo sitting in the limo in jeans with upturned feet. The third girl during Halloween, in appropriate holiday attire, holds the Breasts two small pumpkins. Some photos depicted Palumbo drinking alcohol, however, the 22-year-old College student claims that when they were done, she was already an adult."Yes, lady unbecoming to behave this way. But I'm not a robot. I'm only human," said Palumbo. Meanwhile, at least two Directors of the competition that they did not consider these photos a serious problem. These photos just shows "how people are having a good time at the party," said one of them. Source: the Fallen beauty Queen, deprived of the crown (photos).

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