The Shakira's performance caused a scandal in Afghanistan

The Shakira's performance caused a scandal in AfghanistanSpeech by Colombian singer Shakira has caused a scandal in Afghanistan, provoking a confrontation between the Afghan government and the independent media, writes The Daily Telegraph.The Ministry of culture with the support of high-ranking Muslim clerics warned the largest private broadcasting company that the screening of the concert singer, popular among young people for the executable on stage belly dancing, will entail serious consequences.Because of the show performances of Shakira, one of the hits which is called Hips Don't Lie ("Hips don't lie"), the TV station Tolo TV was under threat of prosecution from the authorities. The latter intend to take decisive action against the more liberal-minded Newspapers and broadcast media.Shakira led the Afghan authorities in horror even though her Breasts were covered with the help of special computer programs. After that, state television showed interviews with clerics and parliamentarians, recriticality concert. One Pro-government newspaper remembered "infamous" show "naked American pop singer and dancer," saying that he provoked aggressive statements by terrorists."We are confident that the clip Shakira - logo Tolo TV - now showing in training camps where trained suicide suicide that will trigger a number of our immature young people to action, in which their mother will be without children," the newspaper Weesa.Growing up in Australia, the owner of Tolo TV the facade of the mineral Saad said: "the Entry was not so provocative, especially Shakira "tapicerowane". In the government looking for an excuse to attack us. Giving airtime to the Taliban, we "negotiate with terrorists" and when we show people acting with criticism of the government, we are told that we are "opposed to peace and settlement.".

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