Kandelaki fell over the steep cliff

Kandelaki fell over the steep cliffAt a party Tina Kandelaki appeared in a splendid dress with sleeves that cover the wrists, and black fishnet tights, designed to hide from others... fresh scrapes and scratches on the hands and feet of the girl.As it became known "Your DAY", the controversial media personality recently returned from Italy, where almost died, falling down a steep cliff.The speedThe star, who arrived in Rostov-on-don for a corporate party, was delighted with the prepared for her dark blue Jaguar. Seeing the car, she asked for a car a walk in the don capital.Notorious for his penchant for dashing riding Kandelaki remained true to itself.Tina had insisted that the walk took place at the fastest possible pace, " said the representatives of the host star parties.The tragedyAt the party where she was invited as a presenter for a substantial fee, a popular television presenter appeared in a stunning dress and fishnet pantyhose. But despite this "armor", many of the guests noticed on the feet of celebrities severe contusions and abrasions.According to Tina, it was combat wounded."I didn't think someone would pay attention to my feet," said Kandelaki. - I filmed recently in Italy for a fashion magazine, and part of the photo shoot took place in the mountains near lake Como. One day I decided to improvise and came away from the markings on the stones. In the end, because of my desire to make everything better than it actually is, I could not balance head over heels and fell off the cliff. Thank God that everything worked out just grazes! Source: Kandelaki fell over the steep cliff.

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