Dima Bilan became `untouchable`

Dima Bilan became `untouchable`Dima Bilan is undeniable that for two years the leader of the Russian show business, and, like any leader, he has enemies or enemies.Price claims to him from these enemies grows in direct proportion to its growing popularity. Recall that the new year 2008 Dima Bilan met already with two lawsuits - one considered in the Moscow city court, the second in Dorogomilovsky court.First encouraged lawyers Dima kept a stiff upper lip, didn't give others reason to think that he is afraid of those proceedings. And after 11 December, the Moscow city court ruled in favor of the plaintiff - "Soyuzkontsert", Dima became nervous. And then there's the main patron and sponsor Victor Baturin has actually renounced singer, leaving him without powerful support.And recently it became clear that Bilan has changed the mobile phone number, moved out of our old office that was in the hotel "Radisson Slavyanskaya" and the address of its new headquarters for its managers forbade anyone to tell.This "siege" situation the singer and his producer Yana Rudkovskaya (she too is being scandalous divorce proceedings with her husband all the same Victor botulinum), apparently, are going to exist before it is considered their complaint to the decision of Moscow city court. As Dima and Yana look forward to the outcome of the meeting Khoroshevsky court over a lawsuit the company "SBA music publishing" to "Soyuzkontsert", says the project is "Paparazzi".We'll see. Although, who knows, maybe Dima just hiding from the military commissioners, who on the eve of the spring draft, eager to put it in tarpaulin boots. Source: Dima Bilan became "unreachable"".

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