Died legendary choreographer Igor Moiseyev

Died legendary choreographer Igor MoiseyevIgor Moiseev... Personality strong and solid. Intellectual and ninety-two have not lost a great ability to self-development. The artist, who opened a new ideal in art and correctly predicts the path.This ideal, each time taking different images, materializes in his productions. At rehearsals he paves the way, which can turn into an exciting climb to the top, but who does not want to relieve themselves or others.Tirelessly shoots rehearsal space sharp word - Dodge, dancer, be flexible and resilient!Can't stand the work in half a leg. But it is quite sarcastic: "what are you I mean?" as all will be transformed. And maybe not say anything, suddenly left to itself, seems to not see or hear. But Moses here - and they will put everything in.Because magic in its very shape. Because he is ethical and the aesthetic center of this world, which rests on a strong Foundation - the work culture and discipline, and in which smelted their amazing clarity and openness of art. This made them the world - a folk dance - became a major theme in his life.But first there was foreplay, unexpected turns and collisions which have already appeared the outlines of the future.1914. The first "travel" with the aunts - spare teachers of the Poltava district. Legendary Dikanka and Sorochintsy will become a reality, village festivals, ceremonies, fairs imagery that will nourish his imagination and many years later. But the strongest impression we make on him dancing. Then he will say, "It was some kind of unconscious attraction. But I feel him all my life.".

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