Anita Tsoy dropped 44 pounds in 14 years

Anita Tsoy dropped 44 pounds in 14 yearsSinger Anita Tsoy in the last few years is in such great shape that many will now be hard to believe: once this fragile woman weighed 96 pounds and not dreamed of slimness."Someone from the nature given to all, and someone not, - says the singer. - So, unfortunately, happened with me - I tend to be overweight, and there's nothing you can do about it".The way Anita to present an almost perfect figure was long. For the first time to think about losing weight Tsoi beginning, when her weight was about one hundred pounds.The process of finding a beautiful body dragged on for 14 long years. Anita tried many diets, you've seen different specialists. But the result is phenomenal: Anita managed to lose 44 kgs.For several years, Choi supports your weight: 52 kg when height is 157 cm. According to the singer, rapid methods to obtain perfect figure is impossible.Need every day to provide the body with maximum activity, exercise and train yourself to eat properly, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". You can try to follow at least basic rules of food combining diet - meat, fish with vegetables, but in any case not with potatoes, pasta or cereals.However, there is in the Arsenal of Anita and quick methods to get rid of extra pounds. For example, the whole day you need to eat 1-2 pounds of fresh cucumbers, drink two liters of water, and at night - a glass of low-fat yogurt. The result - on the morning of the next day minus 2 to 3 kg and fresh complexion. Source: Anita Tsoy dropped 44 pounds in 14 years.

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