Alex began to look like angelina Jolie

Alex began to look like angelina Jolie Women, seeking to preserve the beauty, often go to all sorts of tricks. Recently, however, ladies who decided to change the appearance much younger.The graduate of "factory of stars-4" Alex's lack of attractiveness to complain never could. With her in his time in the Star house struck up a romance in a very legible in sympathy Timothy.If you look at old photos of the girl, you notice: she has a very beautiful shape plump lips. Nature has endowed the young singer what other women are turning to experts in plastic surgery.However, if you look at a recent photo Alexa, you can see: now her lips became noticeably fuller and look unnatural on the tiny face. Why would a young and beautiful singer took to change the appearance, remains a mystery.Usually to change anything in his way dare older women. For example, actress Elena Proklova and did not hide the fact that he had applied to plastic surgeons. With their help, the artist has found new lips and refreshed face.Actress Tatyana Dogileva is also no secret that doing plastic surgery. According to the actress, the new appearance helped her to gain confidence and new interesting roles.Other stars do plastic surgery as needed. For example, Kristina Orbakaite and Dima were forced to lie on the operating table because of problems with nasal breathing.The new generation thinks differently. Now even very young girls can easily make the decision to change the shape of the lips or Breasts, to do liposuction. Maybe blame the advertising and glossy magazines with silicone beauties. Source: Alex began to look like angelina Jolie (photos).

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