`King of terror` Alice Cooper will perform in Moscow

`King of terror` Alice Cooper will perform in MoscowIconic American musician, "king of terror" and "person number one" invented his own "shock rock" Alice Cooper returns to the Russian capital. His concerts will be held on 21 and 22 November at the club "B1 Maximum".The tour organizers promise that Alice will demonstrate in Moscow famous the show that travels the globe for over 30 years, "corrected" in accordance with the content of the new album. Surprise will be the participation of daughters by ITAR-TASS.Cooper is not the same that was in the beginning of his stellar career: in the past trashed a hotel room and the police. "Alice will only drink "diet coke" and "diet Pepsi," note the organizers. According to them, "for the preparation of musicians for the concert in the dressing room, you need to install a large TV and one DVD player. He also made an extraordinary request to put in the dressing room "six pairs of black socks in size "M".First Alice Cooper visited Moscow in 2000, and after a couple of years back with a new program. Alice was going to come to the USSR in the early 1970-ies, but it could not be and speeches. The dream came true only after 30 years.It all started back in 1964, when the U.S. first visited The Beatles. One of the victims of Beatlemania became a 16-year-old Vincent Damon Fournier. It was then that he came up with the idea to gather your own group. Her musical style, the name and composition has changed several times, until, finally, in 1968, not a historic event took place: the team took the name Alice Cooper, Vincent then left behind as the alias.The first success for the team came in 1971, when Alice first started using makeup and play their scandalous performances with whips, the guillotine and the fake blood. Subsequent work has only strengthened the status of Cooper's rock band in the world.On the recognition of the professionalism of the musician eloquently demonstrated by several facts. So, on one of the albums on a couple of songs, it was Liza Minnelli, Bob Dylan called Alice "best lyricist of America", and Frank Sinatra even sang his song You And Me.In the early 1980s, Cooper's career began to decline, but he - unlike most of his colleagues - has denied the well-known truth, going into the same river twice, and again rising to the top of the charts. Recent work of the musician marked his return to the roots, and today Alice takes the "original rock", which became internationally popular in the early 1970s. Source: "King of terror" Alice Cooper will perform in Moscow.

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