The Drobysh tired of the bachelor life

The Drobysh tired of the bachelor lifeOne of the most enviable grooms of Russia seems ready to say goodbye to my freedom. A successful composer Victor Drobysh decided to marry.The rumor attributed to Victor a lot of novels, the most famous of which - granddaughter of former President Gorbachev's role and Virganskaya, which still operates under the authority of Drobysh. But now, as they say in the environment of Viktor, all more than serious - experienced 41-year-old ladies ' man finally decided to settle down.With a girl named Tatiana fashionable composer introduced each one of the private parties. As he says Drobysh, he has been struck with the beauty and intelligence of the young ladies, and now he is no less in love, and on their own. The case seems to be going to the wedding. However, the date and place of the solemn event has not been determined.MK-Sunday (#43) Source: Drobysh tired of the bachelor life.

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