Natasha Queen dressed Tarzan in a suit

Natasha Queen dressed Tarzan in a suit On the show of Valentin Yudashkin, which opened fashion Week in Moscow, the stars came in all their finery.Traditionally, almost all the capital's glitterati gathered at the new collection from master Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin at Gostiny Dvor. For the first years of marriage Natasha Koroleva has led to the fashion event of the spouse. Sergey Glushko, better known to the people as a stripper Tarzan, was packaged by the neck: a black classic suit pinstripe, a black shirt and a scarlet tie. Posing for photographs, Natasha periodically stroking Tarzan's chest and powerful shoulders. Seeing Glushko in costume, we decided to ask exactly who picked up his wardrobe for the exit.- Today I was dressed up, - not without pride, said the Queen. - First appeared in a suit. He has something to show, but the figure of Sergei peculiar, so we suits him sew to order.We sewed in Moscow joined the conversation Tarzan. - Good artists we have plenty. To travel to London in order to sew a suit, is a show-off.- Tie scarlet who is in the costume is picked up?"I also," he cooed Natasha. - Tie road. Lovingly handpicked...Many this evening noticed the companion Pavel Bure. First of all, of course, because she's got great shoulders were open.- My companion's name is Alina. - Newly minted PhD Pavel Bure was laconic. "I'm sure my companion will suit any clothes that were shown today on the podium. Because she has model parameters.After showing the audience moved to the restaurant of the hotel "Ritz-Carlton". The whole evening in the arena shone, Philip. He was a walking advertisement designer Denis Simachev - Philippe was his shirt with the inscription "the Kid said, the boy did.".

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