Husband of Valerie will teach the star of `Home-2` to work

Husband of Valerie will teach the star of `Home-2` to workHusband and producer of the singer Valeria will now be working with the star of reality show "Dom-2" Olga Nikolaeva, better known as the Sun. However, this work will not be in the producing of the girl.The fact that the Sun decided to learn this profession. She already has two diplomas: the psychologist and the Manager of PR-technologies and advertising. Now the star of the reality show wants to become a Manager in the music industry."I really want to study this specialty, because it will help me in promoting my work to the masses. Besides specialists in this field in our country, just no", says the Sun.Teachers girls will become leading figures in the field of show business: her husband of Valerie Joseph Prigogine, Artemy Troitsky, Lina arifulina, Fedor Bondarchuk and many other eminent persons, the newspaper writes "KP-Penza.The contract with the State University of management has already been signed. From mid-November the Sun will be three times a week to attend classes.As we have already mentioned, the oldest participants "Houses-2", including the Sun, are moving to Moscow."To live we will not in ordinary apartments, as many think. It will be the same Studio for filming, and as the perimeter, with scenery and surroundings, " says the Sun. - By the way, there was filming the reality show "the Office". But in General it is a good idea, finally I will have more time for creative activities". Source: Husband of Valerie will teach the star of "House-2" to work.

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