Alexander Abdulov back on the scene

Alexander Abdulov back on the sceneThe famous actor Alexander Abdulov although impressed by his illness is going to return to the stage.The play "Marriage", which at the time of illness of the artist replaces Sergei Chonishvili, perhaps at least once prolet with Abdulov in the title role.Alexander Gavrilovich plans to begin rehearsals early next year. The actor wants to play in the play "life is only" for the sake of their fans.Recall that the premiere of "Marriage" took place at the end of September. The role of arms was to play Alexander Abdulov, but the actor's health failed. First right on the film he opened the plague, and after surgery revealed: Abdulov lung cancer.So the premiere of "Marriage" and the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Lenkom took place without Abdulov.Now Gavrilovic lives in the country near Moscow together with his wife Julia and her little daughter Genia, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."Yes, Sasha is indeed planning to play in "the Marriage," said artistic Director "Lenkom" mark Zaharov. While, however, just one view. Future career will depend on his health. Sasha feels well, I would say, very cheerfully. As for any long period of rehearsals, he and they are not particularly needed, he's a talented actor. Of course, we will be very pleased to welcome back Sasha. Source: Alexander Abdulov back on the scene.

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