Mistress Sarkozy boasted forms in a bikini

Mistress Sarkozy boasted forms in a bikini From time to time, Carla Bruni resting from burdensome role of the beloved of the French President. And prefers to do it on the sea - much to the delight of French citizens. This time the photographers caught Bruni in Corsica.No doubt the fact that in his forty years miss Bruni is in great shape and could easily change the residence of the French President's "lantern" on the podium.This "First lady" France can be proud of. Meanwhile, Italian singer and supermodel Carla Bruni said in an interview with Reuters, "it's" not married to French President Nicolas Sarkozy.So she put an end to endless conversations about what they secretly tied the knot.Meanwhile, the French site is glamorous gossip, Alain Jules", which a month ago had predicted a date for the wedding of Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy - 9 February, now says that the couple is expecting a child. According to the website, Carla, met with the President of France on 23 November, already managed to get pregnant from him.The other day, allegedly, the President learned the news on his cell phone from the Bruni - she called him immediately after receiving the results of the analysis and consultation with a physician at the American hospital in prestigious Parisian suburb of Neuilly, where Sarkozy has long worked for the mayor. "This is serious!" - the President responded and spoke in the spirit that it would be good it turned out to be a girl. Before that, and he and Carla were born sons.But perhaps this is nothing more than idle gossip online publication...Because she was former supermodel shortly before the fateful meeting with Nicolas Sarkozy gave a candid interview in which he admitted that he did not have a strong sympathy to everything French. She sail - "I like to be Italian. I like the Italian temperament and Italian cuisine. I'm not French, and that says it all, I have an Italian passport. The French are always so miserable and constantly in a bad mood. They have a solid film. They're obsessed with their own language and French, the rest were simply not perceived. And Paris? It's awful dirty city. I live on the outskirts of the capital, for the reason that there is a little green space".Seven years ago, Carla was having an affair with the French writer Jean-Paul Enthoven, she threw the writer for his married son Raphael. Also in the portfolio Bruni Affairs with Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Donald trump.They also found that in the presidential election of Charles was not involved. According to the potential of the spouse of the leader of France, Mr Sarkozy can be compared with Napoleon or with the pop star Prince. In the sense that most low men too big ambitions.As for the development of the intrigue in the relationship of the French President and supermodel, then all will become clear during Sarkozy's visit to India - in what status will accompany the model of the President."If it writes "first lady" is no problem - we will take her as a first lady, writes a member of the delegation - welcome you as a member of the delegation. But the French side have to make a decision," said one of the representatives of the diplomatic corps of India. Source: Mistress Sarkozy boasted forms in a bikini (photo).

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