Liza Minnelli fell into the orchestra pit

Liza Minnelli fell into the orchestra pitVeteran secular parties Liza Minelli could not resist on stage after singing several songs and was taken to hospital, said the organizers of the concert in Sweden.Minelli fell into the orchestra pit during a Christmas concert Wednesday night, but she managed to catch the technical Director, helping her to avoid serious injuries."It was a terrible situation," says one of the organizers of Michael Silfverskiold, She flew straight into the orchestra pit. Well, the technical Director was there at the time".Liza Minnelli performed with other well-known performers, and the concert was last on tour in Sweden.From the hospital she was discharged on Thursday morning, and she flew back to the United States. More, the organizers have not been able to report on this situation. However, the representatives of the singer explained that recently Minelli was feeling ill, and her health has reflected on the last statement.As Reuters reports a source on the scene, the police were called, as the crowd Boos of the audience began to demand money back. Source: Liza Minnelli fell into the orchestra pit.

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