Jessica Simpson is ready at erotica for the sake of career

Jessica Simpson is ready at erotica for the sake of careerNew movie Jessica Simspon called Blonde Ambition gathered over the weekend in USA just $ 400. At first it was supposed to release the film on DVD, but then decided to put in 8 theaters in his native state Jessica - Texas.The creators hoped that the presence in the painting Texan Luke Wilson will make the film popular in this southern state, reports showbizspy.Instead, the film in which Simspon plays the role of a woman, unwittingly became a pawn in the game of two businessmen seeking to get rid of the head of megaconglomerate, came to watch, on average, six people per session.Now the movie in January will be released on DVD, as expected.Meanwhile, the 27-year-old star is rumored, ready to do anything just to get a good role. "Jessica is now claiming to be that, if she gets it, immediately advance her career. However, according to the scenario there are explicit scenes. But she wants to get her that are willing to go against their principles," said the source. Source: Jessica Simpson is ready at erotica for the sake of career. Читать полностью -->

Spice Girls cut their world tour

Spice Girls cut their world tourParticipant-identified group Spice Girls took the decision to reduce their long-awaited tour "on family circumstances".The girl who started the tour on 2 December in Vancouver, Canada, after a series of concerts at the site of the O2 Arena in London were supposed to go to Australia, China, South Africa and Argentina. However, as it became known, the last performance of the group will be held on February 26 in Toronto.The representative of "perchonok" explained their decision, "family obligations". "Unfortunately, the tour should be completed by the end of February due to family and personal circumstances of Emma, Jerry, Mel b, Melanie C and Victoria," he said.Manager, group public Affairs noted that unforeseen difficulties were also faced by the organizers of the world tour. "Due to phenomenal demand for tickets in the UK and USA, with the need for enormous logistics of such a tour to combine all failed," he said. - When the girls get back to normal family life and their children going back to school, again they will consider various options. No one knows what to present to future.". Читать полностью -->

It's a real fight in `-2`

It's a real fight in `-2`In the "House-2" on TNT began a creative confrontation "cities" and "villages". Soon the participants will have to survive a real fight.The instigator of the feud was the "owner "of the House-2" semen Frolov, and to resist him and his team "the beginners" will be the star of the reality show, who moved to the capital, the Sun, Stepan Menshchikov, Sam and Nastya, tori and Russel.Winner of the "Host "House-2" semen Frolov was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that in Moscow apartment to realize their professional dreams moved the Sun, Tap and pair Sam with Nastya and tori with Russel's. The Simon thinks much more worthy of a separate apartment in the capital, and their dreams are more worthy of implementation. Because it is, in its opinion, are much more talented and more fertile in terms of creativity than reality stars.To prove this, Frolov has challenged the "old". He offered to fight in an open creative battle. Against six stars-urban "House-2" semen nominates a team of six novices of the TV show living on the "glade". Читать полностью -->

Celebrities who have great bodies

Celebrities who have great bodiesIn a survey commissioned by the British fitness organization, Premier Training International, decided celebrities with the most enviable bodies, reports the Press Association.Among men, the list was headed by "James bond" Craig David, followed by the Rugby player Jonny Wilkinson. Brad pitt took third place, Hugh Grant is the fourth, David Beckham is the fifth.Orlando bloom and johnny Depp was in sixth and seventh lines, respectively. Complete the "top ten" actors Lee Mead, Colin Firth and Sean Connery.In the women's classification, first place was taken by 28-year-old actress myleene Klass, which lined up Helly berry, Jessica Simpson and Madonna. Fifth place went to Sophia Loren. It is followed by Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, uma Thurman, Jennifer aniston and actress Gabby Logan.Interestingly, seventy-year-old Sean Connery and Sophia Loren was ahead of his much younger colleagues, in particular, George Clooney and Sienna Miller.77-year-old former 007 Connery bypassed and other celebrities such as Prince William (25) and Jude law(34) that were not included in the top tenA 73-year-old movie legend Sophia Loren respondents chose such stars as Gwyneth Paltrow and Sienna Miller. Source: Celebrities who have great bodies. Читать полностью -->

Milla Jovovich gave birth to a girl

Milla Jovovich gave birth to a girlThe 31-year-old actress Milla Jovovich and her 42-year-old fiance Director Paul Anderson on Saturday my daughter was born, reports the Associated Press.According to the press Secretary of the actress, the girl was born at the medical center Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Child named Eva Gabo (Ever Gabo).Jovovich and Anderson met in 2002 while filming "Resident evil". Anderson was the producer and Director of this film, Jovovich starred in the title role. As reminds Agency, earlier, the actress was married to actor Shawn Andrews, and French Director Luc Besson. Source: Milla Jovovich gave birth to a girl. . Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie gives birth to twins

Angelina Jolie gives birth to twinsNot had time to subside rumors that Angelina Jolie and brad pitt are planning to Supplement their family or relatives, or a foster child as the star couple was back in the limelight.This time angelina Jolie and brad pitt to predict the appearance of twins. According to the Australian publication the Daily Telegraph, two of the baby in a family of actors halfway fulfilling the dreams of Jolie and pitt to grow a whole football team.Recall, a couple with four children: foster Maddox, Zahara and pax, and a daughter Shiloh Nouvel. Angelina allegedly planned soon to give birth to the beloved one of the babies.It turned out that it is possibly coming on adoption of a girl from an African country. There was also information about what brad and Angelina want to adopt one of the victims of hurricane Katrina who have remained without parents.Some of them are true, hard to say, because the stars themselves rarely agree to comment on the rumors about themselves and their family Affairs. We know one thing: Jolie and pitt really want to have a big family and many children, relatives or foster.Another object of rumors about the pregnancy was the star of the TV series "Beverly hills" tori spelling. If you believe the gossip, the actress is five months pregnant. Читать полностью -->

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