Irina Miroshnichenko has gained a son

Irina Miroshnichenko has gained a sonIrina Miroshnichenko very successful in profession, but in personal life, famous Actresses all went not so well: family and children Irina Petrovna has not made. But recently the actress publicly announced that he had gained a son.It turns out that since Irina Miroshnichenko played together with Yevgeny Mironov, like Cinderella and Arkadinu in "the Seagull" to a younger colleague, she relates in a special way.About this Irina Petrovna told during the celebration of their anniversary. At the Banquet for the elite colleagues Miroshnichenko said, as she has no children, a son she believes Yevgeny Mironov.The actor, of course, appreciates that attitude Miroshnichenko. He speaks about how great, dedicated actress."Once, during a leg of the play Irina Petrovna landed in the rail - says Mironov. - And, is, Arkadina calmly said: "I think it's broken" - and continues to play. Like other great Matoury, she is ready to die on stage.". Читать полностью -->

"Poor Nastya" returns to the screens

Four years ago the TV series "Poor Nastya" watched and discussed by the whole country. An adventurous love story in the beautiful surroundings of the XIX century, with a beautiful cast and a thrilling story have captivated many viewers.In January, the CTC will be a new ambitious project called "One night of love". But among themselves the creators call the series "Poor Nastya-2".Between the two creations of the company "AMEDIA" and indeed a lot in common. Again the same era - XIX century. Migrated to a new series and many actors: Nicholas I again will play Victor Verzhbitsky, and his wife Alyona Bondarchuk. But their role son, the crown Prince Alexander Romanov, this time will perform Ilya Noskov, known to viewers for her role of Erast Fandorin in the "Azazel". Читать полностью -->

Childhood friends Abdulov remember his past

Childhood friends Abdulov remember his pastAleksandr Gavrilovich Abdulov was born and raised in the Uzbek city of Ferghana. There still remember their famous countryman and gladly tell interesting stories about his past.Classmates and teachers, of course, remember Sasha Abdulov. And not just because after high school he went to the capital and became a celebrity.Since childhood Abdulov was the ringleader and desperate as a yard boy. Suffered from inventive antics of Sasha and neighbors, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The boys then put a homemade firecrackers under the wheels, we were all scared to death. Now this with a smile says a close friend Abdulov Rustam Madaliev."Yes, we have arranged our neighbors "massacre of St. Читать полностью -->

Actress Kelly brook bares charms on the beach

Actress Kelly brook bares charms on the beach Actress and model Kelly brook, whose shape has recognized the standard of beauty, has pleased its fans with new Topless photos that the paparazzi were able to do during the rest of the stars along with 41-year-old fiancГ© Billy Janom in the Caribbean, writes The Sun.In 2005, a 28-year-old Kelly caused panic among his fans, saying that would never take their clothes off for photo shoots, but his promises are not kept. Recently Brooke has shared the secret of her beauty and sex appeal, noting that to save both you need to constantly have sex.Note that in the beginning of the year Brooke won an online competition to be the owner of the sexiest chest. Then she killed his fourth bust size, beating celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Halley berry, Sienna Miller.Candid shots of Brooke from the movie "Three" and "Romy and Michele: In the Beginning" created a furor in the survey, which involved over 5 thousand readers. The actress won due to her stunning figure and gorgeous shape of the Breasts. In March, Brooke is also called the happy owner of the most beautiful feet. In the survey of popular British magazine the Nuts have taken part about 2 thousand of its readers. Читать полностью -->

Ksenia Sobchak has decided to become an exemplary wife

Ksenia Sobchak has decided to become an exemplary wife2 years later after a lost wedding "blonde in chocolate" again wants to go to the Registrar. 26-year-old Xenia, which in public and that day can not live without scandal, flirting with men and extravagant antics, as it turned out, ready for family life.As we already wrote, Sobchak had an affair with the CEO and founder of radio station "Silver Rain" Dmitry Savitsky, and these relations coming summer can end in March by Mendelssohn. Seemingly unremarkable man could get the Xenia to be meek than her previous lover.My friends and colleagues "blonde in chocolate" is already whispered that she and her loved one, a 37-year-old Dmitry, preparing for the wedding. The ceremony, like the previous one failed wedding with businessman Alexander Shustorovich, scheduled for the summer.LoveIf Ksyusha this will be the first marriage, Mr. Savitsky was already married and still works with his ex-wife Natalia Sindeeva on one radio station. Here, by the way, they and the closer She got to know each other. Читать полностью -->

JK Rowling is thinking about the eighth Harry Potter

JK Rowling is thinking about the eighth Harry PotterJK Rowling admitted that thinking about the eighth book about Harry Potter - and this despite the severe vows never to write any sequels!Joan said that he had great temptation to plunge into the world of Hogwarts at least once more - even if the plot will be built around Harry."Since then, I finished the seventh book, I've had moments of weakness, when I said, "Okay, okay, I'll write the eighth!" But if - and that's a big if - I ever write it, I doubt that will make Harry Central character," said the writer.Oh, sure, we believe you, evil woman. I'll give Harry in the epicenter of events and walkoski then the most vile way. Source: JK Rowling is thinking about the eighth Harry Potter. . . . Читать полностью -->

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