`Naive` Liv Tyler stirs men's hearts

`Naive` Liv Tyler stirs men's hearts Apparently, the genes on the maternal side made themselves felt: Liv Tyler, whose mother has made a career centerfolds, beauty your wasting. As demonstrated and continues to demonstrate success in the field of business.On the big screen Liv Tyler debuted in 1994 in the film Bruce Beresford's Silent fall" (1994), and the tape Bernardo Bertolucci's "Stealing beauty" was named breakthrough of a young actress. Four years later, Liv Tyler starred as the daughter of Bruce Willis and sweetheart Ben Affleck in the commercial hit of the year - "Armageddon", which brought the beauty of the actress peak popularity.Since then, the attention of fans of American talent Liv no way to Dodge. Well, sweet lady supports the image in the style of "sexy naive". Exciting? Source: "Naive" Liv Tyler stirs men's hearts (photos). . Читать полностью -->

Semenovich dropped twice on the ice

Semenovich dropped twice on the iceThe participants of the popular project "Ice age" now go on tour across the country. Somewhere the performances go smoothly, but somewhere not without embarrassment.Thus, during a recent speech in Lipetsk Anna Semenovich twice managed to fall on the ice. The culprit of the first fall was the partner of Anne, actor Alexey Makarov.The artist did not deter the mayor, and Busty beauty fell. And for the second time already both partners fell right in the middle ground, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".However, the public did not condemn a couple for these flaws. In the hall, on the contrary, took it with delight and gave Anna and Alexey Makarov thunderous applause.Perhaps the culprit was the local ice. Ilya Averbukh even used to be called the Moscow Palace of sports "the worst of the Palace, which he saw.". Читать полностью -->

In the US dismissed the chief editor of the newspaper Los Angeles Times

In the US dismissed the chief editor of the newspaper Los Angeles TimesFired editor in chief of the fourth largest newspaper in the U.S. Los Angeles Times a well-known journalist James Oshea, reports "Echo of Moscow". Note, dismissal of Asia occurs for the second time in the last 15 months.According to the newspaper on its Internet website, chief editor fired for refusing to make budget cuts on the orders of his publisher. In the message, which publishes the decision on the resignation of Asia, says that, according to available information, he refused to cut spending news editorial office of this publication for 4 million dollars.Currently the total annual budget of news editorial the Los Angeles Times is 120 million dollars.The Los Angeles Times writes that initiated the dismissal was publisher David Hiller. Himself Hiller argues that Asia not dismissed and leaves the office as part of a plan for the reorganization of the senior leadership Newspapers. Source: U.S. Читать полностью -->

Valeria bedridden

Valeria bedriddenSeveral days in a row, the Newspapers were full of regular extracts from a medical card of the singer Valeria.They say, with the heart stars serious problems - doctors in France (where the artist was struck attack) found a whole bunch of heart diseases, canceled several concerts, and so on and so forth. "How so? A new year is upon us! And the star chained to the bed!" - we were horrified and decided to find out how Valerie.- Everything is fine. Lera just underwent a routine examination. Now we have already arrived in Moscow, " said the husband and the producer of the singer Iosif Prigozhin in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets". - Has a bad heart, but all the scary - behind. The crisis has been overcome.- Heart problems accidentally because of constant diets, workouts?- It's hard to say. Читать полностью -->

The whole truth about the erotic scenes in the movie

The whole truth about the erotic scenes in the movie No matter how beautiful spiritual, Platonic impulses, without sex love still seems incomplete and not entirely valid. But the actors are filming a sex scene in different ways. Someone perceives them as part of the work, someone flatly refuses. Since filming the sex scenes?Say, what real passion looks ridiculous on screen and, to put it mildly, not very nice. Maybe that's why in the cinematic Arsenal have a lot of technical adaptations for the filming of private scenes.They look, of course... So you know, is the film star who refuse to act in such scenes, as a rule, meekly pop on something like that.So it's no surprise that some of Hollywood stars agree to appear in a very natural way to carry all this "beauty"! And such "naturalook" becomes more and more!For example, the famous dramatic actress Holly hunter. Читать полностью -->

Nike Borzov shocked fans image

Nike Borzov shocked fans imageA new image of the flamboyant stars of Russian rock and punk wowed the fans. Nike appeared to the public with the slicked back hair, smeared with gel, with a heavy black moustache and sunglasses on half his face.- Here is my mustache mood, - said the musician a new image. Groupie at first scared, but then again I starting to like you.At the festival Nike Borzov presented a few songs from the new album, which is about to be released.Nike gladly accepted the invitation to speak at the festival. The musician has a "type label", as he calls it. There are recorded the team making profit, but fun music. Some send their demo tapes to Nike, other he finds on the Internet or at festivals. Читать полностью -->

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