Pugacheva: To become me, it costs to have Kirkorov

Pugacheva: To become me, it costs to have KirkorovThe prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva denies that it has any relation to directing anniversary concert of Philip Kirkorov.Barely Philip began his 10-day anniversary marathon at the theater of Operetta, around talk that the Director of the show was that Alla Pugacheva. Spectators waited for its release at the end of the first performance, but Alla did not even think to go on stage..."I'm not directed. Why do I need it? "she said to the journalist of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets". Never mind what they say. I've already died several times, and with Putin allegedly at odds. But in life, everything is exactly the opposite. Читать полностью -->

Navka burst into tears on the eyes of the audience

Navka burst into tears on the eyes of the audienceFor Tatiana grooves "Ice age" ended in tears. Learning that her pair took the second place, the skater could not control her emotions and burst into tears on the eyes of the spectators.The final ice show this time was not easy - several pairs deservedly claimed the gold, but the winner could be only one. On my last day, the mood backstage was extremely tense.TearsAfter the announcement of the results of the most unexpected reaction was Tatiana skill sets. With the cameras she is a real fighter and champion, held steady smile, and portrayed the joy. But as soon as the shooting had to stop, in front of Tatiana's tears, for several minutes, the skater could not cope with their emotions.- Come on, come on, come on, and here we'll lie for so long, was trying to calm Navka Tatiana Tarasova.Navka used to being first, and stand on the second place podium, and even after his partner Roman Kostomarov, she was, to put it mildly, not very usual.Rumor has it that Navka could take first place again, even though a year ago she became the winner of the show. It could happen, if not one "BUT" - her partner. Читать полностью -->

Heather mills blames meat eaters in global warming

Heather mills blames meat eaters in global warmingEx-wife of Paul McCartney Heather mills appeared in advertising British vegetarian organisation Viva!, reports The Sun.One of the posters Heather in a gold sparkling dress lying on the scorched earth, as planned by the organizers, pointing out how meat and dairy industry contribute to the greenhouse effect. On another poster, mills cautions that people who eat meat, contribute to global warming.As stated by the organization Viva! with reference to studies by the UN, livestock is the second leading cause the formation of greenhouse gases.In the near future for the whole of Britain will be installed approximately 100 large billboards for the advertising campaign."The startling truth is that animals that are bred for meat and milk, is now one of the biggest threats to the planet. They are behind most of the world's worst environmental disasters. Viva! repeats this for a long time and now the UN data to confirm this. But the authorities are silent and continue to pour subsidies in the dairy industry," says mills.In the moment between Paul McCartney and Heather mills goes loud divorce. Source: Heather mills blames meat eaters in global warming. Читать полностью -->

Memories of friends about Katya Ogonek

Memories of friends about Katya OgonekSinger Katya Ogonek tried not to let his life to strangers. It was enough for her very small circle of close friends. But, of course, friends and acquaintances she had many.Now, when the artist died, they left a lot of memories.Irina Circle, the widow of singer Michael Krug, openly admits that her friends they c Katya Ogonek were not. "You know, we had only a job of some sort, we haven't had time to see and widow recalls the singer. - Mostly all some working moments. We traveled together".But Katia is predicted to Irina love with Michael Around. Читать полностью -->

Eva Polna broke his wrist

Eva Polna broke his wristThe soloist of the group "Guests from the future" Eva Polna injured hands. On the weekend, the singer went with my family to snowboard for the city.This kind of rest for the Shouting still new, but the singer loves all the unknown and decided to conquer the mountain. It seems that the debut was unsuccessful... of Course, in such situations, injuries and bruises are hard to avoid.Eve was no exception to the rule. Down the mountain, she unsuccessfully pulled up and fell right on hand. The result of this landing was a wrist sprain. Читать полностью -->

The most ridiculous star photo of the year

The most ridiculous star photo of the yearPeople magazine has published the top ten most funny pictures of celebrities for 2007. Funny things, awkward postures and unexpected perspectives opened for us, Brad pitt, Britney Spears and David Beckham with new side...First place went to a caring father Brad pitt with two foster children in her arms. Although sexual nipples are more like a nursing mother...In second place - Madonna, soldering Penelope Cruz. Apparently, the Spaniard was very upset, not receiving an Oscar, and Madonna decided to support actress giving a private cocktail party after the ceremony.Studs Jessica Simpson occupy the third place. For the sake of beauty, sometimes you have to sacrifice convenience. The result is a ridiculous pirouettes in the air and a sigh of relief at the realization that managed to stay on his feet.Also in the top ten of the funniest pictures were the language of David Beckham (football player that was happy about the first goal scored for Los Angeles-based team), cemented the hands of George Clooney (just a star on the walk of Fame is not given), the veil Paris Hilton and sombrero Britney Spears.Hopefully, next year, celebrities will continue to delight us with their cute antics, and the paparazzi will have time to capture it all. Читать полностью -->

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