Lindsay Lohan became homeless

Lindsay Lohan became homelessInfamous Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is broke, having spent all their money on booze and drugs.For the last two months unmanaged actress squandered the 7.75 million dollars, reports the Courier Mail.Exorbitant costs forced tranzhiru to sell all his property - Villa in Los Angeles cost of 3.15 million and an apartment in new York for $ 1.1 million. Becoming homeless, Lindsay had to move to the millionaire The Mountain, the Executive producer of her latest film "I know who killed me", failed miserably in American theaters.Spending Actresses include:- One million dollars for payment of hotel accounts- 137 thousand dollars to pay the bills from drug treatment clinics (30 thousand, 45 thousand and 62 thousand dollars for each of the visits, respectively)- 350 thousand dollars on luxury cars - Mercedes and BMW- one million dollars on clothes- 70 thousand dollars on a sunbed, tanning and hair salon- 500 thousand dollars to the partyClose to the star, the source said the newspaper News of the World: "the Only reason that forced her to return to Los Angeles, is the urgent need to earn money. For it still costs nothing to throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single party. It's disgusting that such a huge amount of money she spent on cocaine. She just lost track of the money." Source: Lindsay Lohan became homeless. . Читать полностью -->

Candid interviews drunk Lolita

Candid interviews drunk LolitaSinger and TV presenter Lolita, it turns out, does not hesitate to drink alcohol in the Studio, in between recording programs.Recently, the actress became a "victim" of Rolling Stone magazine, which occasionally solders stars and takes their candid interviews. After a certain amount of tequila consumed in the break between filming the talk show "Without complexes", Lolita told about the complexes and divorce with Alexander Tsekalo.As it turned out, the singer has always suffered from a complex unrealized actress. And only after the divorce with Tsekalo Lolita became an independent and I realized."I existed in a fairly rigid framework, of all afraid," said the artist. - From the Institute I went out with a complex besarnya, useless actress. I said, "Your job is directing""". And I wanted to be on stage. Читать полностью -->

Carla Bruni appeared in front of the journalist `Topless`

Carla Bruni appeared in front of the journalist `Topless`Journalist Simon mills, who recently interviewed the girlfriend of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, told about what happened during his meeting with Carla Bruni.He claims that when he came in her Paris apartment, the former model appeared in front of him half-naked greeting words: "Sorry that I'm Topless.Mills argues that as the beginning of the meeting, their entire conversation had excited him as viagra. He noted that the behavior of Bruni does not like cold stressed the appeal of Actresses, models and Telegu. And certainly not reminiscent of the behavior of the woman who may soon become the first lady of the Fifth Republic, writes The Daily Mail.According to the journalist, Carl did not bother that he found her half-naked. Mills noted that throughout the discussion was embarrassed by him. During the interview, Karl played guitar on two songs of the Rolling Stones, hinting at on his novel with its leader Mick Jagger.Bruni said: "I have always loved men. I am a simple man, girl with no problems. Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie had plastic surgery

Angelina Jolie had plastic surgery The most beautiful woman on the planet - Angelina Jolie has repeatedly told fans that her appearance is solely the merit of the parents, and not the talent of plastic surgeons.Of course, nature angelina didn't hurt, but, judging by the staff of the first blockbusters Jolie, beauticians, too, tried their best.For example, a charming spout Jolie after visiting private plastic clinic in Los Angeles has significantly improved, as, however, and plump Actresses who have acquired even more seductive form.But recently, Jolie told reporters that he does not understand young girls standing in the line to the surgeons. Of course, added Angie, against plastics she has nothing, but never to use it will not. Source: Angelina Jolie had plastic surgery (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

`Beowulf` has become one of the leaders of the North American rental

`Beowulf` has become one of the leaders of the North American rentalThe film is Robert Zemeckis's "Beowulf" became the leader of the North American box-office results of the first weekend.The picture, taken in 3D animation, was released simultaneously in 742 regular and 3D theaters. The film earned over the three-day weekend with $ 28.1 million, according to Reuters. In the cinemas Imax tickets were sold for 3.6 million dollars.This success has surpassed all expectations: it was assumed that the picture starts with the result of $ 25 million.In the movie "Beowulf" tells the story of a hero who fights with demons and dragons around the VI century of our era. The picture was taken with the help of ultramodern technology of motion-capture. Real actors dressed in tight-fitting suits, equipped with motion sensors. Then the cameras catch the next episode and transmit information to the computer. Читать полностью -->

Russian girls ruined marriage Sean Penn

Russian girls ruined marriage Sean PennThe wife of actor Sean Pena, Robin Wright filed for divorce due to the fact that caught him drunk at the hotel in the company of two Russian girls, reports digital spy with reference to the Star newspaper.This happened during their family vacation at lake Tahoe in California. "In their last weekend together Sean spent little time with his wife. He even ordered her a separate room. When Robin is tired to be alone, she went in the room to her husband, where they found him drunk with two Russian girls," - said an informed source."He continued to have fun, while Robin was nowhere in sight. The question of where his wife, Shawn said, "who cares?", "the source added.47-year-old Penn and 41-year-old Wright met in the early 90s, and in 1996 got married. They played together in several films, including "State of grace" (1990), "Trouble" (1998) and "She is beautiful" (1997). Читать полностью -->

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