Albus Dumbledore was gay

Albus Dumbledore was gayAuthor JK Rowling on Friday announced that the hero of a series of books about Harry Potter, the Director of the school of magic Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore is gay, reports the Associated Press.The statement about non-traditional sexual orientation of your character Rowling did, speaking to the fans of his novels in Carnegie Hall in new York. When one of the listeners asked the writer the question of whether Dumbledore's true love, she replied: "Dumbledore is gay".The audience gasped and applauded, the Agency said. As Rowling explained that the heart of Dumbledore belonged to the Gellert Grindelwald, whom he defeated in the battle of good and evil wizards. "Love can be blind to a certain extent," - said the writer, adding that the love of the Professor was his "great tragedy". "Oh, God! It's the creativity of the fans," she recollected.Fans of novels about Harry Potter on the Internet constantly discussed the orientation of Dumbledore, pointing to his lack of close relationships with women and a mysterious, complicated past. Moreover, in the works of the fans based on the books by Rowling appeared explicit homosexual scenes involving the Director of the school of magic.Rowling also said that, looking through the script of the film the sixth part of the book, found a mention about a certain girl who was once not without interest to Dumbledore. Читать полностью -->

Timur Rodrigez says goodbye to his bachelor freedom

Timur Rodrigez says goodbye to his bachelor freedomFans Comedy Club sounding the alarm. Another resident decided to end his bachelor life. Most recently, his decision to settle down and start a family announced Timur Rodrigez.It was a surprise even to his friends. For the first time he admitted that he had taken such a serious step as wedding, birthday party of his friend Vladimir Tishko. Thoughts about marrying his beloved so excited young man that he could not resist and revealed his secret:- Soon I will make anot offer.The brunette Anya capital playboy met in a nightclub. Before this meeting, Timur was sure that this Dating may not lead to a serious relationship. Читать полностью -->

In the United States died the initiator of the Clinton impeachment

In the United States died the initiator of the Clinton impeachmentIn the American hospital died, the former Senator Henry Hyde, who in 1998 was the initiator of the impeachment of bill Clinton. According to the newspaper the Washington Times, the politician died Thursday, November 29, at the age of 83.The cause of death is called kidney failure and heart disease.Hyde was a Republican, and for 32 years, until 2006, he was elected to Congress, representing Illinois. The Senator was known for his conservative views, in particular, was a prominent figure of the movement for the ban of abortion.Outside the United States Hyde is best known as the Chairman of the legal Committee, who accused President Clinton of perjury and delivered to the vote the question of impeachment. As a result, the Congress voted against it, and bill Clinton remained in office.In a statement, current U.S. President George Bush made in connection with the death of Hyde, says that the Senator worked tirelessly for the good of the country, was a defender of the weak and disadvantaged. Source: In the United States died the initiator of the Clinton impeachment. Читать полностью -->

Friske beat the poor penguin

Friske beat the poor penguinOn the set of one of our new year's Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Nagiyev beat the poor penguin in the eyes of the amazed public.Jeanne and Dmitry play special agents that destroy everything that comes in their path. This time it took an innocent animal.Shooting began early in the morning. Extras, dressed in a suit Deluxe plush penguin, did not suspect that he will have to move. But its share has fallen a lot - to get a hefty kicks from Jeanne and Dima. It is noteworthy that this scene was filmed in multiple takes - the Director was trying to get a better shot. Sweet couple, Friske and Naghiyev, repeatedly kicked the unfortunate bird and after each shot image pretty smile. Читать полностью -->

Boris Becker broke up with another friend

Boris Becker broke up with another friendThe day before her 40th anniversary of former tennis player Boris Becker has officially confirmed that he broke up with his girlfriend, 31-year-old Sharlely (Lilly) Kerssenberg.On the issue of Revue magazine about wedding plans Becker suddenly said, "so If you ask what I will say: six weeks ago I broke up with my girlfriend"."Over time, we just noticed that we have different models of life. In such cases you just need to be honest. But we have remained good friends. There is no "third person" at parting," he told the magazine.But recently Becker even talked about a possible marriage. In an interview with Bild, he said: "I haven't had a serious companion, was much easier, but now, when, perhaps, the house will be a new "Mrs. Becker," which will enhance the family with new brothers and sisters, the mood has changed a bit".After marriage to actress and singer Barbara Feltus that ruined the story with Angela Ermakova, near Becker appeared different women: the hip-hop girl Sabrina Setlur, Manager Patrice Frame, dancer, Caroline Roher and former Tunisian model Michelle Henessy. Читать полностью -->

The organizers `Eurovision` started selling tickets for the show

The organizers `Eurovision` started selling tickets for the showThe organizers of the popular music contest "Eurovision", which this year will be held in Belgrade, began the first phase of ticket sales for the show.The price of tickets, the organizers of the show, is "extraordinarily low for "Eurovision".So, at the semi-final competition, which will take place on 20 and 22 may, the retail tickets will cost 1000 dinars (about $ 20), and the finale (may 24) - from 1500 to 5000 dinars (25 - $ 90). In the first two days of sales to use the service can only inhabitants of Serbia proper, and for foreigners the opportunity will be open starting on January 31. From Serbia tickets can be ordered by phone, the rest of the contest asks fans to buy tickets through the Internet, reports RIA "Novosti".Organizers note that until March 15, tickets will be sold so-called "packages". The owner of the cheapest "package" will be able to visit at least one of the semi-finals and final, as well as several rehearsals. If 'packages' in the next month and a half will not be sold, from March 17 will begin retail ticketing. In one hand will be sold no more than four "packages"."Eurovision" - one of the most popular television shows in the world, has been held annually since 1956. Читать полностью -->

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