Christina Aguilera gave birth to first child

Christina Aguilera gave birth to first childSinger Christina Aguilera gave birth to a boy. "Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman are proud to announce the birth of their son max Liron Bratman. He's a fine healthy boy," - said in a brief statement on the website Reuters.The child was born last Saturday night. It weighs 2 kg 700 grams. Now 27-year-old Aguilera and baby are resting. The star also reported on the website: "This was a very special and joyous day for Jordan and me.". Читать полностью -->

Alexander Malinin first became a grandfather

Alexander Malinin first became a grandfather49-year-old Alexander Malinin became a grandfather in one of the capital's maternity appeared first grandson Alexander Malinin. Really happy Malinin, native son Nikita - grandchild gave him a stepson Anton, the son of the wife of Alexander, Emma, from a previous marriage.The weight of a newborn baby boy was 3 kg 800 grams, height 53 cm. For Malinine in the hospital allocated a comfortable room where all the family every day coddling the heir, according to MK.In the family Malinina four children. The eldest son from his second marriage Nikita Malinin, the winner of the project "Factory of stars", has long lived alone. Anton long time studying in England. The youngest, joint children of Alexander and Emma - twins Frol and Ustinya this year went to the first class.My wife Malinin Emma your business: gynaecological clinic and pharmacy, she also engaged in the production of balana - invented it soap for intimate hygiene. Читать полностью -->

Alsou is expecting her second child

Alsou is expecting her second childSinger Alsu has made no secret that she is pregnant for the second time. But any details about the upcoming addition to the girl refuses to disclose. Yes and my first daughter Alsu while trying to raise in secret.According to the singer, to hide from the public, along with her husband Yan Abramov began during pregnancy. It is because of the abundance of ridiculous rumors and gossip, the couple decided, Thu the child should not be born in Russia, and in the USA."These tabloid reporters so we got that we went on the defensive," says Lil Wayne. - And still staying in it - in every possible way protect the baby from prying eyes. Only relatives and closest allow people to communicate with my daughter. Читать полностью -->

Former Indonesian President is dying

Former Indonesian President is dyingDeteriorated state of health of the former President of Indonesia Suharto. This was reported by representatives of the Jakarta city hospital "Pertamina". According to the doctors, hope for recovery of the patient is almost gone, reports "Interfax".The health of 86-year-old Suharto highly unstable and requires constant monitoring, said the head of the presidential medical team, Marco Soebandono.The former President was hospitalized last Friday with symptoms of dropsy (accumulation of fluid components of blood and lymph in the body cavities), which resulted in problems with the heart, lungs and kidneys. Doctors opacode that death may occur from failure of internal organs.On Sunday, the state of the ex-dictator has stabilized after he had undergone kidney dialysis. But today in his lungs, there was a large amount of fluid and was due to the decreased level of hemoglobin in the blood, said Soebandono.Since 1998, when General Suharto was forced to resign under pressure from powerful anti-government movements and the economic crisis, he has several times been in the hospital with various serious diseases. In may 2006 he was in the same Metropolitan hospital was treated for internal bleeding. Читать полностью -->

Britain shocked by the costumes Spice Girls

Britain shocked by the costumes Spice Girls Since last appearance nine years ago, the members of the musical group Spice Girls has risen. Some grew their fans, allowing them to survive and to correctly perceive quite Frank show, which marked the reunion of the band.Members of the group sang, danced and revolved than led into the wildest excitement of 20,000 fans gathered at Q2 arena in London. This was facilitated by the costumes designed by Roberto Cavalli, demonstrated varying amounts of flesh singers, depending on the received POS. The costumes were changed 8 times during a two-hour presentation.Especially notable 33-year-old Victoria Beckham, suffered "a wardrobe malfunction". According to rumors, before the show she was forced to remove the implantation of your bust, fearing that he will be constrained by the gold Cavalli corset during vigorous movements on stage. Unpleasant curiosity still not managed to avoid photographers caught the moment very unappetizing lump of flesh fell out from under the right armpit stars.The crazy success of performance feat Spice Girls thinking about releasing a new album, which is undoubtedly destined to be a hit. Читать полностью -->

Rastorguev has got the `Hollywood smile`

Rastorguev has got the `Hollywood smile`The soloist of group "lube" Nikolay Rastorguev has set his teeth, as Alla Pugacheva.The singer, who suffers from an incurable disease, decided to take more responsibility for their own health.As found "Your DAY", the soloist of group "lube" has completely replaced his teeth in one of the elite clinics in Moscow. It is here that "Hollywood smile" has got many representatives of domestic show business.According to the staff of the medical center, the popular singer initially appealed to the dentist, complaining of pain in his teeth. After inspection by a specialist Rastorguev did x-rays of the mouth. During the diagnostics the artist found several teeth that required treatment. After consulting with doctors, Nicholas decided to replace their badly ground off the teeth on the newer implants are made using the latest technology "Vinyl Charisma", or, as it is called, "Stardust".- Rastorguev was really in our clinic - said "TD" in the dental center. - He put a couple of new light seals and installed a few new teeth, which, according to him, he is very happy.PugachevAs found "TD", a unique method by which the soloist of group "lube" set new teeth, at one time used for his famous smiles and Alla Pugacheva.Only one match was decided not to fly for replacement teeth abroad, as did the prima Donna and trusted domestic dentists. Читать полностью -->

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