Prokhor Chaliapin did rhinoplasty

Prokhor Chaliapin did rhinoplastyThe graduate of "factory of stars" Prokhor Chaliapin hones not only vocal skills but also appearance.As found "Z", the singer had plastic surgery on his nose. Prokhor recently became more and more unhappy with this part of your face and in the end decided on the plastic.- I saw some of your photos, and I did not like them, " says the singer "Z". - My nose was like a potato, perhaps this was the last straw.As found "Z", Chaliapin appealed to the European medical center to one of the best surgeons. He explained to the doctor that wants to change the shape of the nose, and after a few days lay on the operating table. For services Prokhor posted about six thousand euros.The operation lasted two hours, and the next day the singer was allowed to go home.- No pain I, fortunately, don't feel, just a nose itches sometimes, " continues the singer. But the week I need to rest up at home until everything is completely healed. Читать полностью -->

Alsu bear in Russia with the gynecologist from USA

Alsu bear in Russia with the gynecologist from USAAlsou, who gave birth a year ago, a charming little daughter Safin, pregnant again. Despite the still small term, the singer have already thoroughly thought out where and how to give birth.The news of the second pregnancy of the popular singer was pleasantly surprised by almost all of her friends and relatives and only beloved grandmother Alsou - Tasker Salakhova - I was not surprised.As it turned out, a wise woman knew that soon her granddaughter will be in an interesting position.- I prayed that Alaska gave birth to my grandson, " says the grandmother of the singer. And Heaven has heard my request. I know that she would have a son.SonActually the term Alsou now very small, and determine the sex of a baby is difficult enough, but the parents of the singer will welcome any child.- I don't care who is born, son or daughter - admitted "Z" mother of the singer's ramzia. - I would love him regardless of gender.The very same celebrity now more worried not about the sex of their baby and his birth.According to friends of the young mother, Alsu long thought, where better to be born to her second child. Initially, upon learning of her pregnancy, the actress decided to leave for Los Angeles in an elite hospital "Ceders Sinai, but after a family Council refused this idea. Читать полностью -->

Drunk men fingered Friske

Drunk men fingered FriskeThe most sexy Russian pop singer Zhanna Friske, arriving at a private party in one of the Rostov fashionable clubs, and even could not imagine that she would have to fend off annoying fans.Escaping from persistent admirers, the singer literally ran away from the scene. The guests of the party, fairly "prepared alcoholic cocktails, met Friske sexy enraptured roar.- Hey, Hey! - asked Jeanne to the guests after the first song. Men, rise to me, one on stage is boring!Hot southern boys immediately surrounded the singer from all sides. They hugged Joan, and one brave soul even kissed a visiting beauty on the cheek. Fans went in on the joke, than pretty confused Friske, the newspaper "Life".- What do you got me so grabbing? - troubled singer and, escaping from prying hands and lips, ran backstage. Source: Drunk men fingered Friske. Читать полностью -->

On Savicheva fell a huge tree

On Savicheva fell a huge treeThe other day Julia Savicheva got back from Japan. During the trip the singer took time and work, and the land of the rising sun to see. However, without incident cost Savicheva got into a real Typhoon.Julia flew to Japan for the first time. And the first day in Tokyo was declared a storm warning. At the airport canceled all flights, ground movement stopped.We barely had time to run to the hotel, when did the Typhoon, " says Julia. Outside there was a terrible wind, the rain poured down. Читать полностью -->

Named the most stylish stars of 2007

Named the most stylish stars of 2007 Authoritative fashion magazine "Harper's Bazaar" named the 25 best-dressed celebrities of 2007. Topping the list is the Russian model Natalia Vodianova.This year in the top ten most stylish celebrities there were some surprising developments. According to REUTERS, Kate moss, who headed the list in 2004 and in 2005-2006 he held the second and third line, now only closes the top ten. And still the style icon was brought to the appearance of a 60-year-old actress Helen Mirren (4), 42-year-old author JK Rowling (7), and two models, which are now ironically meet with her ex-lovers. Belgian ANOC, leper located at line 8 in the list of best dressed znamenitosti, won the heart of London publisher Jefferson Hack, who has in common with Kate moss daughter, 9 same place took the babe from Romania Irina Lazareanu - new passion controversial musician Pete Doherty, even, that has been begging Kate to return to him.Do not forget, "Harper's Bazaar" and Madonna (15th place), Sienna Miller (18), keira Knightley (21), Kate Winslet (23), Emma Watson (24).The top ten best-dressed stars on the magazine looks like this:1. Natalia Vodianova (model).2. Читать полностью -->

British princes have come as a shock from an erotic show

British princes have come as a shock from an erotic showPrinces William and Harry the two of us watched the erotic show, reports the Mirror. The young offspring of the Royal family specially took a day off from the army to work together with friends to go on a cabaret show Medium Rare, which was held in one of the clubs of London.Princes opened their mouths in amazement, when on the stage of American dancer sisters "wah wah Wah", and almost choked cocktails with vodka, when his speech began French stripper La Galu.One eyewitness said: "When sisters went wah wah Wah, William and Harry looked stunned. These girls are very athletic and showed their acrobatics right in front of them. With dimmed light atmosphere was very exciting"."It's not tea with the Queen. Both guys were amazed at all the sexual tricks and laughed. They drank a few cocktails Smirnoff", he added.However, especially for Prince's show was not so Frank. Читать полностью -->

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