The rating of the Russian `daddy's girls`

The rating of the Russian `daddy's girls`In Russia a new phenomenon is sweeping revolution spoiled children.Daughter of a powerful Russian oligarchs gain recognition in a variety of areas - from the development of designer clothes and pop music to television and publishing business, writes NEWSru Money, citing The Daily Mail. How does the withdrawal of the British edition, helps girls fabulous wealth of the fathers.Ordinary Russians compare these girls with spoiled daughters of the Royal aristocrats who fired the feeling of envy, daveee the beginning of the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.And if in America the emergence of people like Paris Hilton, left 200 years, in Russia the characters in her manner appeared 16 years after the collapse of the USSR.According to Robert Service, Professor of Russian history at Oxford University, the key to understanding the conspicuous wastefulness and extravagant lifestyle of the fathers of these girls can serve their biography."Their fathers, suddenly became rich after the collapse of the USSR, in the bulk came from marginalized ethnic and social groups of Soviet society," said Service. They are starving on welfare, and when they had the chance, used it on all hundred. They wanted the money and excitement, it is not surprising that those who have daughters, not to hide away from this dazzling whirlwind"."Unlike their fathers, these girls did not have to participate in dark deeds in order to stand out in people," says Service, and they have grown surprisingly extravagant, incredibly energetic and enthusiastic than are somewhat reminiscent of the American rich 1920-ies. These girls are phenomenally popular, and at the same time don't like them".The rating of Russia's "daddy's girls". . Читать полностью -->

Ksenia Sobchak found yourself a new `oligarch`

Ksenia Sobchak found yourself a new `oligarch`Xenia, earned the image of a hunter of the oligarchs, in fact rather more mundane man.As found "Z", the controversial presenter has close friends of the Director General of the radio station "Silver rain" Dmitry Savitsky.This 37 year old man was seen with her when they returned from Los Angeles, where he spent nearly three weeks. They little resembled ordinary friends.MysterySome time ago Sobchak saw with businessman and diplomat Vagifem the Yengibaryan, but now it seems that in her personal life has changed, she tried to hide from everyone. Appearing in public with Timothy and Sergey Lazarev and arranging with them the erotic show, actually all this time, She quietly built relationships with Dmitry. But knew only a few.Than Sawicki has attracted the attention of such a controversial nature, as She can only guess. Before she was familiar with a talented Manager, but, apparently, a closer relationship between them arose when she began working at the radio station.AirportIf surrounded by many cameras Sobchak tries to shock the audience, darting from one man to another, next to the Savitsky She was not herself. She gently hugged Dmitri, cute and smiled modestly. Читать полностью -->

68-year-old Karel Gott finally married

68-year-old Karel Gott finally marriedPopular Czech singer Karel Gott officially married 68 years. It is reported by the Czech news Agency CTK.As it became known, the darling of Gott became his old friend Ivan Machackova, which is younger than the singer of 36 years. The wedding took place in USA in Las Vegas.Czech "Golden Nightingale" he confirmed to reporters that his wife is expecting her second child. 20 months ago, Machackova bore Gott first daughter - Charlotte. Karel Gott married the first time, he also has two adult illegitimate daughter of Dominic and Lucia, reports RIA "Novosti".Wife Czech singer decided that I would take her husband's name. "I am extremely happy that we finally became a family," said Ivan Gotova journalists. Читать полностью -->

In Russia for the first time host an exhibition of works by ГЎlvaro Siza

In Russia for the first time host an exhibition of works by ГЎlvaro SizaThis exhibition was the first exhibition of the famous Portuguese architect in Russia. Winner of the prize Mies van der Rohe (1988), the Pritzker prize (1992) and winner of many other European and American awards, PPE is the author of over 140 projects.Many of them are widely known. In the Museum of architecture presents 53 of the brightest wizard - the number of years of his creative life.Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exposition, who oversaw its architect and personal friend ГЎlvaro Siza Carlos Castanheira admitted that he has the experience of conducting hundreds of such exhibitions, however, the current Moscow exposition was the biggest in his career."ГЃlvaro Siza has wonderful professional tact, with a responsible attitude toward architectural environment, where are his works, traditions, historical and ecological situation, - the President of Fund "Russian avant-garde", a member of the Federation Council, the representative from the Executive body of state power of the Perm edge Sergey Gordeev. - "This refers to his buildings and projects for many Portuguese cities as well as Berlin, Venice, the Hague, Santiago de Compostella - practically all of his works. The architect successfully combines the heritage of the avant-garde and the laws of classical architecture, creating a clear, concise and at the same time artistically meaningful images. In the apparent simplicity of the forms of his buildings concluded fluency in a space that is unique to a true master of architecture".PPE is known not only as a great architect, but as a great draftsman. Читать полностью -->

Vladimir Tishko ridiculed sex video Anfisa Chekhova

Vladimir Tishko ridiculed sex video Anfisa ChekhovaIn the Internet appeared the scandalous video of TV presenter Vladimir Tishko, who ridiculed Privat-video Anfisa Chekhova in the shower.In the first parody shows graceful female body, she is taking a shower, but then she turns around and we see that it Tishko. In the final presenter Hamming and shouting, shows the facts.Once Vladimir Tishko and Anfisa Chekhov has a close relationship, but now the presenter prefers skinny girls.- No I'm not mocking, just saw the movie Chekhova and decided to joke - has shared with "Your Day" Vladimir. - We met with Sa for years, and I know how she looks without clothes. I'm afraid that now it looks even worse. I suspect that in General terms, in the video the presenter did use less burly and tight than the heroine, understudy.Source: Vladimir Tishko ridiculed sex video Anfisa Chekhova. . Читать полностью -->

Ksenia Novikova pregnant

Ksenia Novikova pregnantThe former lead singer of "Brilliant" Ksenia Novikova is on the third month of pregnancy, according to the newspaper "Your day".First pregnancy 27-year-old singer passes difficult. Last Saturday She wasn't feeling well and decided immediately to go to the doctors. Towards evening Ksenia came to one of the maternity hospitals of the capital. After examining the patient, doctors said she was okay and recommended to undergo a full examination."For Ksenia is the first pregnancy, so it's no wonder she's so stressed," says one of the doctors clinic.Hearing that she's all right, Novikova about your going home, but doctors still persuaded her to stay the day and take a course that improves immunity. The next evening She left the clinic.Itself Novikova conceal the fact of pregnancy. She is superstitious and afraid to jinx her future baby. Читать полностью -->

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