Fallen beauty Queen, deprived of the crown

Fallen beauty Queen, deprived of the crown High demands for moral authority of the main beauty of the country impose on many national competitions. After receiving the title of the next "Miss" should be a year to turn into a cross between the Holy and the good fairy.And during and after competitions the participants are under scrutiny - their past and present analyze in search of dirt. And unable to hide anything.In the city of Tucson, Arizona, is the court in the case of an armed attack and kidnapping of the three finalist of the beauty contests of Arizona 25-year-old Kumari Fulbright (Kumari Fulbright), along with three friends, and friends - miss Pima County -2005 and miss Desert Sun -2006 - December 2007 10 hours kept in captivity by her ex-boyfriend.Another "beauty Queen" was less fortunate - miss Nevada Katie Rees was stripped of the title on December 22, 2006, after the appearance of racy photos on the Internet.Dethroned Miss Nevada admitted he was "devastated" when he saw the incriminating photos of her posted on the sites.... "I was shocked. Of course, I'm not proud of it. But, what's done is done. Читать полностью -->

Andrey Karaulov turned the son into a weapon of revenge wife

Andrey Karaulov turned the son into a weapon of revenge wifeAndrey Karaulov, the TV programme "Moment of truth", is hiding in a country house son Vasya. He stole him from his ex-wife Ksenia. The poor mother managed to break through to the child. But soulless guard snatched the crying baby out of her arms like a doll.After attempts Xenia son back she struck more troubles.Four Vasya his mighty dad Andrey Karaulov was taken away from my mother for 40 kilometers from Moscow, in the village of Novoglagolevo Narofominsk district. Here the journalist Barony - three acres of land, enclosed with a three-meter fence, and beautiful house of 500 square meters. To get noticed in the estate - the gate guard post. Читать полностью -->

Julianne Moore will delight children fairy tales

Julianne Moore will delight children fairy talesThe actress in a recent interview confessed that of all tested it crafts the most she had in spirit - writing children's books.Julianne Moore (Julianne Moore), in addition to being the talented actress has already managed to try your hand at fashion. Earlier this year the actress has worked to create a collection together with the famous brand Lutz & Patmos.But now Julianne more is writing children's books, in which she helps her son. Source: Julianne Moore will delight children fairy tales. . . . Читать полностью -->

Jamie Lynn Spears followed in the footsteps of older sister

Jamie Lynn Spears followed in the footsteps of older sisterJamie Lynn Spears probably decided to follow in the footsteps of older sister Britney, and to make a significant contribution to the improvement of the demographic situation in the country. 16-year-old girlfriend is pregnant.The father of the baby was the son of the laborer in paper mill Casey Aldridge, reports RIA "Novosti". Jamie Lynn met him in the Church.How pregnancy will affect future career girl, is still unknown. Spears Jr. plays a major role in the TV series Zoe 101 Nickelodeon.I must say, there is for pregnancy of a young actress reacted calmly."We respect the decision of Jamie Lynn to take responsibility in this situation. We know that this is a difficult time for her and her family, and now our main concern is the welfare of the girl", said in the company's management.The representatives of the girls the situation has not yet commented. Читать полностью -->

Vera Brezhnev gives sick children `world`

Vera Brezhnev gives sick children `world`Ex-"VIA Gra" Vera Brezhnev with his baby, She was held in one of the Kyiv bookstore campaign "give peace", during which he collected books for children-orphans and kids with leukemia.For a six year old Sony is one of the first out, so at first the girl was slightly confused on a step did not depart from his mother and was constantly holding her hand. Brezhnev actively campaigned visitors to take part in the action and give the kids a book, the newspaper "Your day".- I recently became President of the charity Fund "the Ray of faith," said Vera Brezhnev. - Just one day we managed to gather up in the shops of the capital more than 500 books that we will give five children's homes on St. Nicholas Day. Source: Vera Brezhnev gives sick children "world"". . Читать полностью -->

Not a good time for celebrities (terrible photo)

Not a good time for celebrities (terrible photo)The website for ABC News published photos of celebrities that are not in the most successful moments of their lives.American singer Diana Ross bruzga and aged - groomed star without makeup and with bags in their hands prying paparazzi caught on the street in Los Angeles. The photo was taken on 9 November 2007, after lunch in the city.Divorced pop star Britney Spears was removed at the outlet of the boutique Crystal Place in Los Angeles on November 4, 2007 after she took children. Recently almost any photo of the former pop Princess can be called a failure: it will come out third chin growing after two kids singer reveals cellulite on all parts of the body. It is not surprising therefore, it seems constant aggression Britney against the paparazzi.The former "James bond", British actor Pierce Brosnan, photographed on a yacht in Greece during the break between filming his new movie Mamma Mia this year. Looking at the huge bulging hairy belly Brosnan, is hardly possible to imagine how this same person recently played the sexy sardeega 007.44-year-old star of "Desperate Housewives" felicity Huffman photographers caught while Jogging near his home in Los Angeles in the company of her husband. It turns out that even sports and healthy lifestyle powerless - that's what comes to mind when looking at cellulite thighs actress.The aging actress demi Moore helps numerous plastic surgeries, which, according to rumors, she regularly makes. Читать полностью -->

The thieves robbed the mansion Charlize Theron

The thieves robbed the mansion Charlize TheronThe Hollywood mansion of actress Charlize Theron was robbed this weekend, reports USA Today. As it turned out, this is not the first incident on the famous hills in recent times.The damage caused by a 32-year-old star, were not disclosed, actually, as well as other details of the crime. A neighbor of Oscar winner said that she rarely visits his California home, but when it's there, always very welcoming and friendly," writes Страна.RU. According to the publication, this year had robbed the houses of several Hollywood stars, things were stolen, totaling $ 7 million. Investigators believe the same gang of thieves responsible for more than 50 robberies. Victims of burglars steel singers Tim McGraw and Faith hill, the former head of Paramount Pictures sherry Lansing and her husband, Oscar-winning Director Billy Friedkin, Duran Duran guitarist John Taylor and basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers Cuttino Mobley, who had stolen $ 500,000 in his mansion in Bel air.Herself Charlize situation refused to comment. Читать полностью -->

The Prime Minister of Israel prostate cancer

The Prime Minister of Israel prostate cancerPrime Minister Ehud Olmert convened on Monday a press-conference on which has told about the state of his health.The 62-year-old head of the Cabinet of the government of detected prostate cancer and he will have surgery, reports AP. According to Olmert, radiation therapy he not be required to resign due to illness he was not going."After returning from Russia, I had a planned annual health check and I was informed that I had cancer of the prostate at an earlier stage," he said. The tumor is microscopic, it may be removed surgically under local anaesthesia, ITAR-TASS reported.Recall that Ehud Olmert was in Moscow with a blitz-visit on 18 October after the visit of Vladimir Putin to Iran. The results of the negotiations, the Kremlin keeps a secret. The Israeli press reported that Moscow promised not to supply uranium fuel for nuclear power plants in Iran, but Russia denied it.The Prime Minister of Israel stressed on Monday that he may perform the duties before the operation, and will return to work after a few hours. Date unknown, Olmert said only that the doctors are going to operate on him in the coming months, reports NEWSru Israel."Despite the fact that I am not bound by the laws of the country to report to the public about his illness, I felt it necessary to make this statement and inform the society about the state of my health. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears once again flaunts outstan underwear

Britney Spears once again flaunts outstan underwear Troublemaker Britney Spears has once again resorted to his favorite way to draw the attention of the media. Tabloid star appeared in the company of her new boyfriend, photographer of Arab origin Adnan of Kaliba, in the Los Angeles restaurant, the Gaucho Grill.Britney was wearing a black mini-dress, which traditionally were not cowards. After that, the paparazzi attacked his former colleagues who tried to photograph the couple. During the scuffle in the school was broken table and a few chairs, writes The Daily Mail.Meanwhile, fearless paparazzi, who were not afraid of the wrath of Kaliba, photographed Britney when you exit the shop Kitson, which opened specially for the stars late at night, so she could go shopping without prying eyes. Spears came into the store a man's shirt and torn fishnets, which she seems to not remove for a week.However obscene the kind mother of two children nobody paid attention, as on the ring finger of the right hand she wore a new wedding ring. The photo confirms the rumors that Spears is going to marry his Arab friend and puts pressure on him with the purpose that he probably filed for divorce from current wife.Meanwhile, the most desperate photographers have paid for their curiosity. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears was expecting her third child

Britney Spears was expecting her third childBritney Spears is pregnant again. She wrote about it to your friends via e-mail. In his forthright letter to the singer told the name of the father of the child.According to Britney Spears, is an American music producer Jonathan Rotem, it supports the relationship since she divorced Kevin motherhood. The producer has confirmed in an interview with the magazine "In Touch" that Britney is now four weeks is under the heart of his child.In the already mentioned historical email the singer also sent friends a copy of the ultrasound. Britney is confident that this baby will change her life, and his birth will end her streak. She wrote to friends that Jonathan Rotem is the perfect father for her baby. Читать полностью -->

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