The Drobysh tired of the bachelor life

The Drobysh tired of the bachelor lifeOne of the most enviable grooms of Russia seems ready to say goodbye to my freedom. A successful composer Victor Drobysh decided to marry.The rumor attributed to Victor a lot of novels, the most famous of which - granddaughter of former President Gorbachev's role and Virganskaya, which still operates under the authority of Drobysh. But now, as they say in the environment of Viktor, all more than serious - experienced 41-year-old ladies ' man finally decided to settle down.With a girl named Tatiana fashionable composer introduced each one of the private parties. As he says Drobysh, he has been struck with the beauty and intelligence of the young ladies, and now he is no less in love, and on their own. The case seems to be going to the wedding. However, the date and place of the solemn event has not been determined.MK-Sunday (#43) Source: Drobysh tired of the bachelor life. Читать полностью -->

`King of terror` Alice Cooper will perform in Moscow

`King of terror` Alice Cooper will perform in MoscowIconic American musician, "king of terror" and "person number one" invented his own "shock rock" Alice Cooper returns to the Russian capital. His concerts will be held on 21 and 22 November at the club "B1 Maximum".The tour organizers promise that Alice will demonstrate in Moscow famous the show that travels the globe for over 30 years, "corrected" in accordance with the content of the new album. Surprise will be the participation of daughters by ITAR-TASS.Cooper is not the same that was in the beginning of his stellar career: in the past trashed a hotel room and the police. "Alice will only drink "diet coke" and "diet Pepsi," note the organizers. According to them, "for the preparation of musicians for the concert in the dressing room, you need to install a large TV and one DVD player. He also made an extraordinary request to put in the dressing room "six pairs of black socks in size "M".First Alice Cooper visited Moscow in 2000, and after a couple of years back with a new program. Читать полностью -->

Alex began to look like angelina Jolie

Alex began to look like angelina Jolie Women, seeking to preserve the beauty, often go to all sorts of tricks. Recently, however, ladies who decided to change the appearance much younger.The graduate of "factory of stars-4" Alex's lack of attractiveness to complain never could. With her in his time in the Star house struck up a romance in a very legible in sympathy Timothy.If you look at old photos of the girl, you notice: she has a very beautiful shape plump lips. Nature has endowed the young singer what other women are turning to experts in plastic surgery.However, if you look at a recent photo Alexa, you can see: now her lips became noticeably fuller and look unnatural on the tiny face. Why would a young and beautiful singer took to change the appearance, remains a mystery.Usually to change anything in his way dare older women. For example, actress Elena Proklova and did not hide the fact that he had applied to plastic surgeons. Читать полностью -->

The suicide attempt, Wilson returned him a girl

The suicide attempt, Wilson returned him a girlActress Kate Hudson is rumored, has ended the relationship with her boyfriend DAX Shepard, because she still has feelings for his former friend Owen Wilson, reports Fametastic.Said Kate and DAX broke up last month, but a source close to the star told the New York Daily News that it has officially happened just last week."They didn't have a relationship and she was tired. She says it is a complete break," - said the source.Another source told Metro that the problems with Keith and DAX began after a suicide attempt Owen, because Kate realized how much she still loves him.In mid-August Wilson after breaking up with Kate Hudson, attempted suicide by drinking a whole box of sleeping pills and hit the vein. Brother Andrew found 38-year-old actor unconscious in his home in Santa Monica, California. Andrew called an ambulance which took the actor to a nearby hospital, from which he was discharged a few days later. Source: suicide Attempt, Wilson returned him a girl. . Читать полностью -->

Anita Tsoy dropped 44 pounds in 14 years

Anita Tsoy dropped 44 pounds in 14 yearsSinger Anita Tsoy in the last few years is in such great shape that many will now be hard to believe: once this fragile woman weighed 96 pounds and not dreamed of slimness."Someone from the nature given to all, and someone not, - says the singer. - So, unfortunately, happened with me - I tend to be overweight, and there's nothing you can do about it".The way Anita to present an almost perfect figure was long. For the first time to think about losing weight Tsoi beginning, when her weight was about one hundred pounds.The process of finding a beautiful body dragged on for 14 long years. Anita tried many diets, you've seen different specialists. But the result is phenomenal: Anita managed to lose 44 kgs.For several years, Choi supports your weight: 52 kg when height is 157 cm. According to the singer, rapid methods to obtain perfect figure is impossible.Need every day to provide the body with maximum activity, exercise and train yourself to eat properly, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Читать полностью -->

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