The jury of the 61st Cannes film festival will be headed by Sean Penn

The jury of the 61st Cannes film festival will be headed by Sean PennAmerican actor and Director Sean Penn will head the jury of the 61st international Cannes film festival, reports the AFP news Agency with reference to the official communiquГ©.According to one of the organizers of the festival, Thierry FrГ©maux (Thierry Fremaux), the selection of foam "was obvious"."Sean Penn embodies the independent American cinema and it represents the America we love," added Frema.For its part, Sean Penn said that for the past many years, the Cannes film festival opens new generation of filmmakers. "I can't wait to participate in it as President of the jury," said he.Sean Penn received wide acclaim as an actor and as a Director. He was several times nominated for the prestigious film award "Oscar" and in 2004 won the Golden statuette for her role in the drama Clint Eastwood's "mystic river" ("Mystic River").His directing career began with the film "the Indian runner" (The Indian runner - 1991), followed by "the crossing Guard" ("the Crossing guard - 1995) and "the Promise" ("The Pledge"- 2001).The last work of Director Sean Penn "To the wild" ("Into the Wild") has received four nominations for the award of the U.S. screen actors Guild (Screen Actors Guild) and was declared the best feature film 2007 version of the Gotham Awards, one of the most respected independent awards in the USA. Source: the Jury of the 61st Cannes film festival will be headed by Sean Penn. . Читать полностью -->

Kirkorov never go to Novosibirsk

Kirkorov never go to NovosibirskPhilip cannot forgive the Novosibirsk that robbed him there. Recall that in December last year was sentenced a woman accused of stealing personal belongings of the singer during the concert.Among other things were stolen and expensive Breguet watches. The court sentenced the Lily Muhomadeevu to three years of imprisonment.Gold Breguet watches stolen from Philip Kirkorov during his tour in 2006 in Novosibirsk, police found thanks to an anonymous phone call three weeks after the theft. Unknown said that the watch Kirkorov hidden near a railway station of Novosibirsk under the transformer box. The place was sent operative group, which has seized a valuable find in the presence of witnesses.We will remind that as a result of theft committed in the dressing room of the singer during his performance at the arena Novosibirsk circus, Kirkorov also missing cell phone, mp3 player and about 2 thousand dollars.On suspicion of theft law enforcement the next day was detained by one of the spectators - a 33-year-old Gypsy Lily Muhomadeevu. According to her, during the concert she was looking for the bathroom and accidentally wandered into the dressing room of the actor, where he encountered the father of the victim. Читать полностью -->

In the children's Eurovision-2007` defeated Belarus

In the children's Eurovision-2007` defeated BelarusThe winner of the international children's contest "Eurovision-2007", culminating in the night of 8 to 9 December in Rotterdam was Alexey Zhigalkovich from Belarus.This is the second victory of Belarus at the Junior Eurovision song contest. In 2005, the main prize of this contest took home Ksenia Sitnik.The Grand Prix at the stage of "Eurovision-2007" Alex was awarded the winner of last year's competition - sisters from Russia Masha and Nastya Tolmachev. Second and third places went to young singers from Armenia and Serbia.The participant from Russia, 11-year-old Sasha Golovchenko from Volgograd got sixth place.Alex and the dance team of "All Stars" performed the song "friends". They closed the competition program of "Eurovision", as the result of the draw guys got 17-th number, reports RIA "Novosti".The right to represent Belarus at the Junior Eurovision song contest 11-year-old Minsker Alexey Zhigalkovich received, winning a clear advantage on the Republican children's contest "Song for Eurovision" - voted for by the viewers and the professional jury.The song that Alex made for the whole of Europe, he wrote himself. "I have a lot of good loyal friends who won't leave me in the lurch. So I decided to write a song about them," said Alex after his victory in the national selection.The young artist has been very diligent participation in the Junior Eurovision song contest. Читать полностью -->

Robbie Williams loves animal sex

Robbie Williams loves animal sexThe mysterious girl singer Robbie Williams was recently spotted in Los Angeles, talked about their relationship with him.31-year-old Suzanne Koppen in an interview with British newspaper the News of the World said that in August she had a short affair with the former Take That star, whom she met in a posh hotel Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles."Externally, Robbie sexy, charismatic, funny and it was so good," she says."But inside he has a lot of problems and is yet a very long way before he can get rid of their vices," adds the girl.Suzanne also told the intimate details of their fleeting relationship. So, according to her, when they ended up under the luxurious silk sheets in bed with Robbie, she asked him to put on a condom."But he said to me, "don't worry, I'm not contagious. Want to see a doctor?" - said the girl, adding: "He also told me he is not gay, although everybody thinks so".Suzanne reported that they had sex in 10 different poses under a strange accompaniment in the form of a documentary about sharks, which was at that moment on TV. However, she claims that it was the best sex in her life. Source: Robbie Williams loves animal sex. . Читать полностью -->

In a recent interview Dedyushko promised not to risk it

In a recent interview Dedyushko promised not to risk itSaturday night on one of the roads in the Vladimir region there was a terrible accident: crashed actor Alexander Dedyushko and his family: wife Svetlana and 8-year-old son Dima. A few days before the tragedy, the actor gave an interview in which somewhere foretold tragedy.This weekend in Central Russia were extremely dangerous for drivers because of weather conditions and road conditions. Besides Alexander Dedyushko speeding is not considered a crime, and to change tires on the wheels just did not, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets."No need I will not exceed the speed," said the actor in his last interview. But when late for something, step on the gas. We have high-speed rules are still the Soviet era, which are designed for roads that were then. Why should you go at a speed of 90 km/h when you can at least 120-130?!". Читать полностью -->

Konstantin Kryukov led his wife out

Konstantin Kryukov led his wife outAs soon as the little daughter of Constantine and Eugene turned a little over a month, actor persuaded his wife to go to a restaurant Bellezza, where he was to appear Beyonce after the concert in "Olympic".Eugene had a great desire to see the fashionable singer. A couple even have my sister Jenny and her friend.Ordered a separate table. Kostya brought the wife to the dance floor and was surrounded with attention. It was evident that young dad happy.At the party shone deep cleavage TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov. Sati Casanova spent the whole evening on the couch, huddled close to her boyfriend Eugene, part-time and stylist. The guests were so numerous that the restaurant is not overcrowded. Читать полностью -->

Automotive passions Britney Spears

Automotive passions Britney SpearsThe leg of a policeman was injured in November, when Spears was leaving the court after a hearing on the custody of her two children."There is no evidence that there was malice," - said the representative of the Los Angeles police Roger Mohr. "Maybe she knows, but she can still press charges because she left the scene", he added.The most recent incident with otjavlennymi Spears feet happened the day before, when she had left the hotel Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly hills and drove over the leg of one of the photographers who followed her.And the third case occurred in October, also in Beverly hills. Spears ran over the foot of a TMZ photographer, when her Mercedes was pulling out of the Parking lot.The police Beverly hills said that Spears may not be to blame in yesterday's accident. "There are independent witnesses who say that the photographer did not leave the road. She was driving very slowly," said Lieutenant Tony Lee.Automobile incidents are literally chasing Britney. Last year she was photographed driving in the car with the baby on your lap and not in a child seat, as it should be. Читать полностью -->

Albus Dumbledore was gay

Albus Dumbledore was gayAuthor JK Rowling on Friday announced that the hero of a series of books about Harry Potter, the Director of the school of magic Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore is gay, reports the Associated Press.The statement about non-traditional sexual orientation of your character Rowling did, speaking to the fans of his novels in Carnegie Hall in new York. When one of the listeners asked the writer the question of whether Dumbledore's true love, she replied: "Dumbledore is gay".The audience gasped and applauded, the Agency said. As Rowling explained that the heart of Dumbledore belonged to the Gellert Grindelwald, whom he defeated in the battle of good and evil wizards. "Love can be blind to a certain extent," - said the writer, adding that the love of the Professor was his "great tragedy". "Oh, God! It's the creativity of the fans," she recollected.Fans of novels about Harry Potter on the Internet constantly discussed the orientation of Dumbledore, pointing to his lack of close relationships with women and a mysterious, complicated past. Moreover, in the works of the fans based on the books by Rowling appeared explicit homosexual scenes involving the Director of the school of magic.Rowling also said that, looking through the script of the film the sixth part of the book, found a mention about a certain girl who was once not without interest to Dumbledore. Читать полностью -->

Timur Rodrigez says goodbye to his bachelor freedom

Timur Rodrigez says goodbye to his bachelor freedomFans Comedy Club sounding the alarm. Another resident decided to end his bachelor life. Most recently, his decision to settle down and start a family announced Timur Rodrigez.It was a surprise even to his friends. For the first time he admitted that he had taken such a serious step as wedding, birthday party of his friend Vladimir Tishko. Thoughts about marrying his beloved so excited young man that he could not resist and revealed his secret:- Soon I will make anot offer.The brunette Anya capital playboy met in a nightclub. Before this meeting, Timur was sure that this Dating may not lead to a serious relationship. Читать полностью -->

In the United States died the initiator of the Clinton impeachment

In the United States died the initiator of the Clinton impeachmentIn the American hospital died, the former Senator Henry Hyde, who in 1998 was the initiator of the impeachment of bill Clinton. According to the newspaper the Washington Times, the politician died Thursday, November 29, at the age of 83.The cause of death is called kidney failure and heart disease.Hyde was a Republican, and for 32 years, until 2006, he was elected to Congress, representing Illinois. The Senator was known for his conservative views, in particular, was a prominent figure of the movement for the ban of abortion.Outside the United States Hyde is best known as the Chairman of the legal Committee, who accused President Clinton of perjury and delivered to the vote the question of impeachment. As a result, the Congress voted against it, and bill Clinton remained in office.In a statement, current U.S. President George Bush made in connection with the death of Hyde, says that the Senator worked tirelessly for the good of the country, was a defender of the weak and disadvantaged. Source: In the United States died the initiator of the Clinton impeachment. Читать полностью -->