Greedy Galkin and Pugacheva left without work

Greedy Galkin and Pugacheva left without workAlla and Maxim in the past year have not only to live together, and hold joint performances. In order not to leave and to celebrate the New year together, a diva and a parodist Duo decided to speak at corporate events.But for a joint concert directly in the new year's eve Pugacheva and Galkin wrung such a fee that they did not want to see in their celebrations, even the richest people of Moscow.The legend of the national stage and her young friend asked for an exclusive performance 250 thousand euros and was, as the saying goes, out of business, the newspaper "Your day".As you know, on the night of December 31 to January 1 of the almost all favorite artists instead of the traditional feast go on stage. Still, because any other day they will not earn so much higher fee. There are those who manage four hours to catch at least three places. But Alla and Maxim to this category do not apply. For the only concert they demanded exorbitant fees and as a result remained without work.However, for them it might be for the best, because now the New year they will meet together in the company of friends at the cottage the couple Buynevich.Valery MeladzeDespite the fact that new year's eve the singer wanted to see many, Valery refused to go on stage in this watch, rejecting a fee of 50 thousand euros. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears beat their children

Britney Spears beat their childrenBritney Spears in the new year still remains the heroine of scandals. We already wrote about that in the beginning of January, after another meeting with the sons Britney was taken to the clinic, and kids to take by force.Become known and new details of the incident.It turns out that in that day the police found on the body of Jayden James, youngest son of Britney, bruises and track at least one bite.As reported by an anonymous source in the police Department of Los Angeles has a detailed report on the visit to the house of the singer. When police arrived at the house of Spears, she began to shout that they were removed.Remaining outside the house the police saw in the window that Britney was in the bath room with his younger son Jaden, and the boy was clearly not in any kind of danger.Police first were going to break the bathroom door down, but it was unlocked. Britney just rocked his son. This incident for Britney Spears ended at the medical center, which among other things, assessed her mental state.Surveyed and children of a former pop star. On the body of the little Jayden James showed the bruises and bite marks, writes US Weekly. Читать полностью -->

Tom cruise won an award for `courage`

Tom cruise won an award for `courage`Hollywood actor Tom cruise won the prestigious German film awards for his willingness to take risks during the filming of the movies.Award for "courage" will be presented to the actor at the 59th annual ceremony, Bambi Awards, which will be held in Dusseldorf, reports Reuters.The prize Committee noted that Cruz takes on a rather ambitious projects, which without him would not have been never implemented. Among them the film "Valkyrie", telling about the failed operation to destroy the German dictator Adolf Hitler during the Second world war.In the ribbon, the actor plays the role of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who was executed for plotting the assassination of Hitler in 1944. "Tom cruise will introduce people around the world with a page of history that Hollywood had no interest in: resistance to the Third Reich within Germany," - said in the press release of the award.However, a certain resistance to the German authorities had to cruise during the filming of "Valkyrie". The Ministry of defence had intended to prohibit to shoot some scenes from the movie in the memorial complex of Bendlerblock, located on the territory of the Ministry of defense of Germany in Berlin, where Stauffenberg and his associates developed a plan of attack, and where he was during it.However, the Ministry conceded after the producers managed to convince the authorities that post-war Germany will be shown in a good light. As stated by press Secretary of the Ministry of defense Thomas Raabe, the tape will underline that "barbaric regime failed to win over democratic Germany".Earlier, the German Minister of defence Franz Joseph objected to Cruz played the role of Stauffenberg, because the actor is a member of the Church of Scientology, which the German government does not recognize. However, the representative of the press service of the government said that the shooting was denied, in order "not to desecrate the Holy place." The building, known as Bendlerblock in the yard which were shot by members of the conspiracy against Hitler, is the memorial to the fighters of the resistance to the Third Reich. Читать полностью -->

Time has no power over the body of Pamela Anderson

Time has no power over the body of Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson certainly is in a good mood when bathing in the surf in an open black bathing suit, and then, turning in the towel Pamela plays ball on the beach.Source: Time has no power over the body of Pamela Anderson (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Raspavshiysya Pugacheva called the police

Raspavshiysya Pugacheva called the police In an expensive restaurant, where he performed Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, tried to rush the police. Police have raided a private party of a businessman, for whom sang the main star of the Russian platform.While the guests enjoyed the loud singing Pugacheva, residents of neighboring houses, trying to relax on a Sunday evening, could not resist the sounds of noisy revelry and decided to stop raspavshiysya diva, call in "02".When Alla began to perform his hits, not only in the restaurant, but on the street there has been a revival. The divas performance at the festival of the oligarch in the center of Moscow is not common. Gorgeous voice Pugacheva was audible to the inhabitants of all the neighboring houses. Many of them, despite the cold, opened the window and pushed his head out, listened with delight Pugacheva. But the singing Alla Borisovna had in mind is not all. Читать полностью -->

Glyukoza: lives In me little woman

Glyukoza: lives In me little womanCapturing a new clip ГлюкоzС‹ for the track "song of the butterfly" held in Kiev under the guidance of Director Alan Badoev.On the idea of the writer Natasha will appear in the video in the form of a romantic woman. "The years go by, my music is changing, becoming more modernized, told Glyukoza. - My producer Max Fadeev saw that I grew up with that lives in me little woman. Therefore, we changed the image, but the toon you will see, however, a bit different".According to the newspaper "Today", the clip will tell the audience about a meeting with your favorite singer and all the twists and turns of their relationship. But instead of vzdyhayu and tears, lots of acrobatic stunts. "There will be difficult jumps, breaking walls, and no doubles! Natasha will do everything herself, " says Badoev. Читать полностью -->

The militia searches for Zemfira for piracy

The militia searches for Zemfira for piracyThe staff of the 9th of Department UBEP of the municipal Department of internal Affairs of Moscow yesterday during the RAID seized a shipment of counterfeit disks with the album "Thank you" Zemfira.Recall that the album was first released no record label and publishing house "Kommersant". The disc is attached to the magazine РЎitizen K, which produces the publishing house and distributed through the network of salons of communication "the Euronetwork".Official sales of the album and the magazine began on 1 October, and on the pirate counters, as told operatives of the special services, the discs appeared last Wednesday. Store LLC "Leader", who became the first subject of investigation police, located in the shopping center "Novogireevo" right at the entrance to the office of "Euroset", informs "Kommersant".Yesterday operatives, dressed in civilian clothes, went to the store and did control the purchase of counterfeit disk Zemfira."The discs recorded way home on the computer, printing of the cover is very bad, but the drive is not the license number and name of the manufacturer," explained one of the operatives. - All symptoms of counterfeit goods".Interestingly, the pirates added to the original 13 tracks of album 8 songs of Zemfira from past works of the singer and sold it for 120 rubles (legal costs 140 rubles). Together with the album "Thank you" were seized and several hundred other drives.Now they will check the examination, after which the materials will be sent to the Prosecutor's office for initiating a criminal case under article 146 of the criminal code ("Violation of copyright and related rights"). Police say they soon will hold a number of similar raids on the points where illegally sold the new album Zemfira. Читать полностью -->

Renata Litvinova had a boob job (photos, video)

Renata Litvinova had a boob job (photos, video)Close friend Zemfira Renata Litvinova decided on a sensational act. Popular actress and Director went to the center of beauty and health, wishing to increase breast volume.As found "Z", to the beauty center, located in the district of Trekhgorny Shaft, Renata came several times a week.And in my first visit to an eccentric lady from the very threshold wished that she be given the best specialist in the field of care of Breasts.According to employees of the salon, Litvinova enrolled in special education on breast care, resorted to by many women after thirty years.- Renata came to us last time last week - told the "Z" one of employees of Institute of beauty. - We made her a special procedure to improve the elasticity of the breast, this massage increases slightly and the volume of the breast.ProceduresMoreover, Litvinova wished that all of the procedures that she performed at this centre, created with the help of expensive drugs known firm, which, in her opinion, suited her skin perfectly.In addition to concerns about the size of your bust Renata, as it turned out, not less worries and for the condition of the skin. According to the doctor-cosmetologist, which also addressed a celebrity, due to improper diet and hormonal disturbances in the body on the face of the actress appeared pimples and confusing ulceration.- After a few treatments Renata's all gone, and now she just takes her breast, - with a smile said the celebrity doctor. - Litvinova it does not spare neither strength nor the time, its not even embarrassed enough great price for a session of about three hundred dollars.Source: Renata Litvinova had a boob job (photos, video). . Читать полностью -->

The Japanese fell in love with Verka Serduchka

The Japanese fell in love with Verka SerduchkaThe popularity of Andrei Danilko is so high that the Japanese themselves began to parody the image of his famous conductors.- Japanese impresario inundated us with requests for artists performing in the image of Verka Serduchka, " said the coach of Nizhny Novgorod employment Agency "Europe" Svetlana S. - they are now fashionable all a La Serduchka. So if the Serduchka fail to return the people's love of the Russian public, she could easily emigrate to Japan. There waiting for her money and fame. Source: the Japanese fell in love with Verka Serduchka. . Читать полностью -->

Tim Burton will remove three-dimensional picture of `Alice in Wonderland`

Tim Burton will remove three-dimensional picture of `Alice in Wonderland`Famous American film Director Tim Burton will remove three-dimensional motion picture "Alice in Wonderland" based on the popular tale by Lewis Carroll.The tape will be created by the technology of "performance capture" - computer processing allows you to "multiplex" games real actors.Burton will remove this film under a new contract with the Walt Disney Studio. The script will be written based on the works of Linda Carroll Overton who worked on such famous cartoons as "beauty and the beast" and "the lion King". Filming of "Alice in Wonderland" is expected to begin in may 2008.In accordance with the agreement with the Walt Disney" Burton will have to do another animated picture - "FRANKENWEENIE" about the dog, Ghost. This tape will be an extended feature-length version of a short cartoon of the same name, created by the Director in 1984.According to available information, "FRANKENWEENIE" will be created by the technology of stop-motion animation, ITAR-TASS reported.Picture by Tim Burton distinguished pronounced eccentric style, which is his "brand". The Russian audience is known for his paintings "the Batman" Edward Scissorhands", "Sleepy hollow," "Mars attacks", "Charlie and the chocolate factory". Source: Tim Burton will remove three-dimensional picture "Alice in Wonderland"". Читать полностью -->

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