The ballet, dedicated to the crazy Britney Spears

The ballet, dedicated to the crazy Britney SpearsIn London there was the ballet on the life of infamous singer Britney Spears.The premiere of Meltdown (Loss of control), which was delivered by a team of young dancers of Rambert Dance Company, will be held at the London concert hall Queen Elizabeth Hall on 1 February, reports BBCIn the ballet Britney Spears attacks the paparazzi, shaved bald, and then sent to a psychiatric hospital on a stretcher. Choreographer Hubert, Asako calls the story of the fall of the singer "modern tragedy". "I was shaken by the fact that all passionate about it. It is impossible to open a newspaper to find her on the pages. I became obsessed with every detail of her life," he explains.The music was composed by Richard Thomas, one of the creators of the controversial anti-religious musical "Jerry Springer - the Opera". The role of Britney sang Gemma Nixon, which shows how the singer came to despair because of the constant harassment of the press. Читать полностью -->

Uncovered a terrible secret chest `VIA gra`

Uncovered a terrible secret chest `VIA gra` New soloist of the popular group can boast a curvy shape, but it demonstrates the enviable trick. To visually increase the volume of the sweetest parts of her body, Meseda Bagaudinova wears two foam bra at each other.From the first days of the parish Meseda the group visible to the naked eye, and its curvy shape depending on the dress.Transparent outfits opened the admirers of creativity of a group of very modest size chest Bagaudinova, but worth it to wear a gown with closed bodice, chest up, as if by magic.The trickSimilar cases in "VIA GRE" do not occur for the first time. In a similar way to breast enlargement was using at the time, the other soloist of collective Albina dzhanabaeva. But then the girl used a less sophisticated method. She had simply put in a special bra pads that significantly increased the breast.Meseda went further: her way is much more efficient and reliable. To make the volume of the breast exactly two sizes larger, you just need to put the bodice on one another. Читать полностью -->

Alla Pugacheva has experienced the death of a `friend`

Alla Pugacheva has experienced the death of a `friend`Alla Pugacheva in anticipation of the year of the Rat admitted that she is afraid of rats and mice. However, it was in the life of a diva is a mouse that has almost become her friend. However, the friendship ended in great sorrow."I'm afraid of rats, mice, spiders, - said Alla. - Br-R-R-R! But there was one mouse in my life that I was not afraid. I her name was Gertrude. It appeared when we lived in a small wooden house. Читать полностью -->

The new version of the disappearance of `man frog`

The new version of the disappearance of `man frog`A new twist has been the story of the mysterious disappearance in April 19, 1956 in Portsmouth Harbor of the great British diver Lionel Crabbe.Britain was visited by the cruiser "Ordzhonikidze" the Soviet leaders Nikita Khrushchev and Nikolai Bulganin. As called them the editor of one of the British Newspapers, and H. B. London could not afford the scandal with Russian comrades H. and B., but the device of the Soviet cruiser, which arrived Bulganin and Khrushchev, the British were extremely interested. Therefore, Crabb went to explore the bottom of the "Ordzhonikidze", not even counted in the British Navy. Читать полностью -->

Victoria Beckham from the breast fell out of silicone

Victoria Beckham from the breast fell out of siliconeSo how strong vocals to conquer beauty fails, a "peppercorn" takes extravagant costumes.The last masterpiece of design art Mrs Beckham is clearly inspired by the recent appearance of another scandalous diva - Paris Hilton, covered in gold paint. "Brilliant" plagiarism Vicki the audience appreciated.The question of the Supervisory fans caused only fallen out of a tight corset detail. Is it really because of the heat, thinking eyewitnesses, a mother of many children Beckham melted silicone in her precious Breasts. Source: Victoria Beckham out of your chest tumbled silicone. . . Читать полностью -->

Beyonce admitted that she got married in Paris

Beyonce admitted that she got married in ParisAlmost a month of the famous singer Beyonce Noles and rapper Jay-Z denied the rumors that they finally got married.A month later, the couple has officially confirmed that their wedding is actually held in December 2007 in the narrow circle of the closest friends in the house of designer Giorgio Armani in Paris."It was a beautiful ceremony, filled with our emotions, which took place in a narrow circle of those we love," said the couple. The main couple had desires to avoid the hassle and global attention to their wedding. In addition, Beyonce really didn't want a noisy wedding with a large number of invited guests, according to the website "news of America".The famous singer and rapper did not want at all to tell the press about what happened in their life event. But the rumors about that trip to Paris they returned a married couple, broke up quickly. Beyonce and Jay-Z remained nothing how to tell the truth to journalists. Source: Beyonce admitted that she got married in Paris. Читать полностью -->

Svetlana Loboda told about same-sex love

Svetlana Loboda told about same-sex love"Very good attitude, not so important which gender is part of the person, importance of feelings, the inner world, that is significant," said the Ukrainian-Russian singer Svetlana Loboda, answering a question about same-sex love, in an interview with E-motion.Svetlana Loboda-known Russian audience including as a soloist of group "VIA Gra". Since 2004, began her solo career. In 2005 presented her first solo album "You won't forget." In 2007 the opening of a photo exhibition of Svetlana, which remains one of the most prominent media persons of modern Ukraine. Source: Svetlana Loboda told about same-sex love. . . Читать полностью -->

Alla Pugacheva stole the car

Alla Pugacheva stole the carThe fleet of the famous singer Alla Pugacheva last night suffered a loss. I remember a hijacked SUV Toyota Landcruiser.On Tuesday morning, the police asked the driver of the singer, who spoke about the theft of an SUV Pugacheva in one of cottage settlements of the Leninsky district of the Moscow region, RIA "Novosti". The man parked a silver jeep in his yard, but this morning the car was gone. Presumably, the theft occurred about six o'clock in the morning.According to the representative of traffic police, are being required to search for stolen cars measures. Inspectors of traffic police and the staff of the investigation Department of the police already have all the information and all the major highways and entrances to major cities of the region, conduct additional tests of the cars of this brand.Police also examines the possible places where the thieves could hide the stolen jeep, and checks of people who were previously prosecuted for the thefts of expensive cars and can be involved in the theft of a jeep of the singer."Stolen car was equipped with satellite alarm system, - said the representative of traffic police, - and, perhaps, with its help you will be able to detect loss". Source: Alla Pugacheva stole the car. Читать полностью -->

Best film of the year is recognized as Mikhalkov's film `12`

Best film of the year is recognized as Mikhalkov's film `12`Nikita Mikhalkov's film "12" won the main prize of the National Academy of cinema arts and Sciences of Russia. "12" named the best film of the year. The film, awarded by the Russian Academy, already nominated for an Academy award "Oscar".In addition, "12" received the "Golden lion" the Venetian kinofestivala.The award for best actor for the first time in the history of the prize was the entire ensemble cast of the picture. "Golden eagles" was awarded the performers jury Nikita Mikhalkov, Sergey Makovetskiy, Sergey Garmash, Mikhail Efremov, Yuri Stoyanov, Alexei Petrenko, Valentin Gaft, Sergey Gazarov, Aleksandr Adabashyan, Alexey Gorbunov, Sergey Artsybashev, Victor Verzhbitsky.Mikhalkov took his version of the great Sidney Lumet's "12 angry men". Almost all critics believed favorite picture of the ceremony today. As reports RIA Novosti, just tape collected 16 awards, including for best Director, music and installation. Читать полностью -->

George Clooney accepted a position as messenger of peace

George Clooney accepted a position as messenger of peaceOn Thursday, the popular American actor George Clooney officially takes office as the peace envoy of the United Nations."In the morning in the headquarters of the UN Clooney will meet with Deputy UN Secretary General Asha-Rose Migiro (ban Ki-moon on the left), which, according to tradition, will award him with a Certificate of the world and an icon in the form of a dove of peace", - quotes RIA "news" the statement of the press service of the UN.After that George Clooney will speak to the ambassadors of the countries that sent its peacekeeping troops in Sudan's Darfur. Hollywood star will share his impressions of his visits to Darfur, Chad and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which he visited along with senior leaders of the combined forces of the UN.Note that sorokafamily actor, was awarded the prize "Oscar" and the title of "sex symbol of the year 2006" by People magazine, has dedicated a lot of time protecting human rights in the hot spots. Clooney made a documentary "Sand and sorrow", telling about the refugee camps in Sudan and Chad. He also regularly provides assistance to non-profit foundations and organizations that defend and promote humane principles.George Clooney became the ninth holder of the honorary title of UN messenger of peace. Before these functions were performed by actor Michael Douglas, zoologist Jane Goodall, cellist yo-yo MA, Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, Princess of Jordan Haya bint al Hussein, conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim, writer Paolo Cuelo and violinist Midori goto. Source: George Clooney accepted a position as messenger of peace. Читать полностью -->

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