Black magician predicted suicide Britney Spears

Black magician predicted suicide Britney SpearsThe most famous black mage Mexico Antonio Vazquez Alba, fortune-teller, Tarot card readers and is known for the accuracy of their predictions, stated that in 2008 American singer Britney Spears will commit suicide.About this Professor Alba, foretelling events since 1980, said during the release of his traditional Outlook on the new year in Mexico city, reports AP.He also claims that the presidential elections in the USA, which will be held in November this year, will win the former U.S. first lady Hillary Clinton.Over the past 20 years Vazquez Alba, which is the title of the Great magician of Mexico, was rarely wrong in their predictions of human destinies, political and economic trends.Meanwhile, during last year's forecast the Great Magician claimed that Fidel Castro will leave our world until the end of may". However, the Cuban leader is still alive and was even nominated as a candidate for Deputy of the Cuban Parliament, elections to which will be held on 20 January 2008.But in January 2006 the Great sage predicted election victory in Mexico's current President Felipe calderГіn, the ratings of which at that time did not exceed 10% and the performance of its main rival, opposition leader Andres-Manuel Lopez Obrador has reached 57%.Recall that an American expert on addictions Marty Brenner, who for 20 years working with alcoholics and drug addicts in Beverly hills, also believes that Britney Spears may not live till next Christmas, committed suicide. Brenner believes that the pop singer is in the illusory world that has nothing in common with reality.January 3, a new scandal erupted with Britney Spears. The singer was taken to hospital after her ex-husband Kevin Motherhood called the police, to the guards helped him to pick up the kids from ex-wife's house, where they were transported for a date allowed by the court. Previously, the court denied Britney parental rights.Within hours the police could not enter into the mansion of the singer. Читать полностью -->

Prince Charles became the oldest heir to the crown

Prince Charles became the oldest heir to the crownCharles Prince of Wales has today become the oldest heir to the crown throughout British history. In 59 years and 74 days he as the Prince has already left to age still the champion - son of Queen Victoria, Prince albert Edward.Last to the moment of reaching this age limit has already become a monarch - king Edward VII.Prince Charles was the direct heir to the British throne in 1952, when he was 3 years old.It happened once after the death of his grandfather king George VI, the monarch became the mother of Charles, the Princess Elizabeth. February 6 will mark 56 years since, as she reigns in the United Kingdom.Elizabeth II is now 81 years old. The Queen feels fine and successfully performs all essential duties of the monarch, ITAR-TASS reported. Source: Prince Charles became the oldest heir to the crown. . Читать полностью -->

Mercantile Glyukoza out from the producers

Mercantile Glyukoza out from the producersWe have already talked about the conflict between Natasha Ionova and producers from the company of the project "Glyukoza" "Monolith". Marrying the top Manager of RAO "UES of Alexander Chistyakov and become pregnant by him, the singer began to impose "the Monolith" their conditions.It came to the point that she started to look for a replacement. However, then to change Natasha on a new soloist, the producers decided not to and limited by the fact that suspended the activities of the project at the time of her pregnancy. However, their hopes that after the baby is born Ionova will calm down and will continue to work in the project did not materialize. Coming out of maternity leave, the singer has announced that he is leaving them and will be performing solo under the pseudonym Glu.Natasha rose from an image Glitch-'ozy-cartoons, married, gave birth to a daughter Lida and feels the strength to do things for myself, " explained the Manager Ionova Larissa civileva. - With the company "Monolith" in which she worked for five years, broke up peacefully.No war between them no and not planned. Читать полностью -->

In the family Alsu expected new addition

In the family Alsu expected new additionFamous singer Alsu said repeatedly that it wants to have a big family. To fulfil his dreams artist is rapid: within a few months after the wedding with businessman Ian Abramov I remember a daughter Safina.Now that the baby is not even one and a half years, in the family Alsu expected new addition. The singer is the fourth month of pregnancy, the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".However, while interesting position Alsou not so noticeable. At the recently held ceremony of awarding the prize "Golden gramophone" the girl was fashionable dress tailor made, which conceals all the features of the figure.Such outfits will almost always be an occasion for gossip. So this time artists and producers, seeing Alsou began to let go of these comments: "She's pregnant and going to give birth in America.". . Читать полностью -->

Opened new circumstances of the death of Princess Diana

Opened new circumstances of the death of Princess DianaWitnesses told that they saw two cars driving in the tunnel under the Pont de l'alma. One of them was a black Mercedes with Diana, and with her went the other big dark car.Yesterday new details have become known in the case of the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997. During the outbreak last week in London of the proceedings, the husband and wife Jean-Claude and Annick Catelin in a statement via video link from Paris said that on the night of 31 August 1997 saw two cars driving in the tunnel under the Pont de l'alma. One of them was a black Mercedes with Diana, and next to it supposedly was another big dark car, "Novye Izvestia". Thus, the circumstances of the death of the former representative of the Royal family over time acquire all new riddles.If you believe spouses Catelin, the site of the tragic death of Princess Diana were two clearly audible like the explosion sound: "as soon As they disappeared from sight, we heard a sound like a clash of two car bodies, and it seems that this sound was heard, before the car drove into the tunnel. After that, we heard another loud sound similar, already in the tunnel".Another witness, a certain franГ§ois Levitr, and it was in his car just before the car of the Princess of Wales. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears is going to marry

Britney Spears is going to marryBritney Spears has found a new groom In the American press appeared information that the infamous pop star Britney Spears is going to marry.The singer plans to go to Las Vegas to get married with Sam Lufti (Sam Lutfi), reports the journal Star. According to the publication, lawyers Britney Spears now trying to dissuade her from doing so.In addition, against Lufti configured ex-husband stars Kevin Motherhood (Kevin Federline), with whom Britney is still judged on the rights of the shared custody of their sons. In his opinion, Lofty aggressive and absolutely not able to handle a child."Britney all contain Sam. He perceives it as a source of decent income. Spears pays for it everywhere, in restaurants, in shops and so on. Moreover, Britney in the near future plans to buy him a car," said one of the sources.Recall that earlier it was reported that Spears started Dating waiter Michael Marchando one of located in Hollywood restaurants.Britney Spears has twice been married. Читать полностью -->

Love affair Yagudin and Daineko woven out of hints

Love affair Yagudin and Daineko woven out of hintsFigure skater Alexei Yagudin and a graduate of "factory of stars" Victoria Daineko, which introduced the project "Ice age", the recent do is answer questions about their relationship.The rumors about the tempestuous romance couple is denying it, but speculation on this topic Alex and Victoria decided to use in the new video "fabricante".The video for the song "Needle" was shot in the garage of a residential complex in the South-West of Moscow. Of course, not without dancing on ice and without explicit scenes involving the characters, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".On the idea of the Director's love affair woven their tones and hints. Dressed in a silk robe and seductive stockings Vika quickly got in the way of the passionate diva, and Yagudin was transformed into a passionate macho. By the way, Alexei Yagudin in this video even started singing.As it turned out, for a long time to rehearse before filming was not necessary, because this song Daineko and Yagudin were preparing for "Blue fire" and performed at the concert in Luzhniki.However, to become a singer Alex is not going to. "No, it's just an interesting experience, especially music education I don't have," he says.But what skater said of his partner: "she is very beautiful, but still I like her human qualities. This bright man energizes me. Читать полностью -->

`Silicone` Malinovskaya proves its genuineness

`Silicone` Malinovskaya proves its genuinenessWhether or not known to man to answer in the affirmative to the question, resorted to plastic surgery to become more beautiful? This theme, perhaps, can enter the top of the most discussed social occasions.And I sometimes think I would admit to a reporter that I have "artificial" nose, or tried to hide it?On the one hand - what's this? Who doesn't want to get better? In the end, even commendable, that man aspires to the ideal, even his own. On the other hand, if a person makes plastic, so he either makes fun of them because of their appearance, or trying to hide advancing age. The artist, whose name is inseparably connected with his face, it is serious to monitor their appearance, and to save face for him is often more important than the voice.Besides, if we once admit the journalist that did the operation, "wash" of this will never succeed, - there is an opinion among many young stars. So, how much force surgeons not spent on improving the appearance of the "star" of the patient, waiting until the post-operative swelling, the artist declares that he was born with such eyes, cheeks, nose and lips. And, honestly, can't help but smile when clearly "silicone" Masha Malinovskaya once again proves that she has "all natural".While some argue that plastic surgery they do only out of necessity. For example Orbakajte assures that the nose job she did because of illness. Читать полностью -->

Died a famous Opera singer Erik Kurmangaliyev

Died a famous Opera singer Erik KurmangaliyevAt the 48th year of life died an Opera singer, a rare voice of counter-tenor Erik Kurmangaliyev. About it on air of radio station "Echo of Moscow" said the Director of "audio Studio" Asaf Fragen.In his words, "on October 16, Eric was in the hospital and several days before death fell into a hepatic coma". "We are now preparing civil funeral service. We would like to spend it in the Great hall of the Conservatory," said the Director of "audio Studio".About twenty years ago, the play "M. butterfly" rocked the theatre world. When it became clear that languid Oriental beauty with a high voice and a graceful gait is actually a man, in this at first, few believed. Читать полностью -->

The first Soviet horror film `Viy` marks 40 years

The first Soviet horror film `Viy` marks 40 yearsThe first Soviet horror film "Viy", a film based on a mystical story by Nikolai Gogol, turns 40. This adaptation was considered one of the worst paintings of European cinema of the sixties.In the film directed by Konstantin Ershov just spilled one drop of blood - when the maiden, scaring Bursak, let the bloody tears, marks role of the young mistress is played by the actress Natalya Varley. Viy intervened in her fate and outside the set. According to the actor's superstition, it is categorically impossible to portray on screen or on stage, death of your character. Varley, who in the story was supposed to lie in the grave, after the shooting seriously and permanently ill. Unhappiness, fatally associated with the "Wii" would haunt her for a long time, and only after she repented and was baptized in servce, mystery over.Not for one Varley this film became the living embodiment of will. Читать полностью -->

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