Anna Kournikova starting kissing dog

Anna Kournikova starting kissing dogFour years ago, in fact, who retired from tennis Anna Kournikova continues to be one of the invited guests at various parties, and is still paying for the fact that she advertises certain products.So last week Anya, who came to the presentation of new collection of one of the largest manufacturers of luxury watches and jewelry, was the star of the night, however, the nursing society divas and fat cats she quickly got bored. Wanting to amuse yourself, I grabbed a white dog in one of the invitees ladies and began to kiss the bitch in the navel, the benefit of the animal was extremely well kept and even the smell of French perfume. Bewildered dog tried to escape from tenacious Anya's hands and I could suchili legs, but the girl only laughed, squeezing his unrequited creation.Fortunately, soon the ex-tennis player saw one of my friends and got distracted, otherwise who knows what would all this fun could end: the dog with fright and almost described his mistress. Posing with jewelry on the arms and neck, Anna said that very soon will become a real TV star, the benefit of the experience you already have - they starred in an episode with the Jim Carey. Now, however, she managed to get a role in this mega project of "Sex and the city", where the girl will portray herself almost - rich secular lioness with unsettled moral principles. Anya recalled that her first and called on the screen, but she didn't have time for this, and only now she wanted to give the film more of your precious attention. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton first arrived in Shanghai

Paris Hilton first arrived in ShanghaiSocialite and party girl Paris Hilton, whose adventures invariably become the object of attention of the yellow press, which first arrived in Shanghai to participate in the ceremony of delivery of awards MTV.The heiress ignored the hotel chain that bears her own name, and instead decided to stay at the recently opened in the downtown Hyatt, informs Agency Xinhua."Panoramic view from the hotel room seems to have been the main reason for her choice," - said the employee of the Chinese MTV, who asked to remain anonymous.Hilton already ordered the ceremony to be held on Friday, three traditional Chinese evening dress.During his visit, which ends at the weekend, Hilton will also visit the Shanghai Museum and the TV tower "Oriental Pearl". Source: Paris Hilton first arrived in Shanghai. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Fabulous Striptease group Spice Girls

Fabulous Striptease group Spice GirlsParticipants reunited group Spice Girls secretly visited one of the exclusive London clubs to take the lessons of the strip, the elements of which they are planning to include in his upcoming tour, reports The Sun.All five girls: Victoria Beckham, Melanie brown, Jerry Halliwell Melanie Chisholm and Emma Barton chose masterclass at bar Soho Revue Bar, where every night are strippers and transvestites.Close to the group, the source said: "All the girls agreed that to enable the strip at their shows would be fabulous and sexy. And they want to take lessons with professional strippers". On the tour the girls will accompany the American dance team, of course, only men.Recently Victoria Beckham discussed on air on radio their rehearsals. She said: "We haven't worked together. For three days we rehearsed, I mocked enough. It was fun. Читать полностью -->

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