Died legendary choreographer Igor Moiseyev

Died legendary choreographer Igor MoiseyevIgor Moiseev... Personality strong and solid. Intellectual and ninety-two have not lost a great ability to self-development. The artist, who opened a new ideal in art and correctly predicts the path.This ideal, each time taking different images, materializes in his productions. At rehearsals he paves the way, which can turn into an exciting climb to the top, but who does not want to relieve themselves or others.Tirelessly shoots rehearsal space sharp word - Dodge, dancer, be flexible and resilient!Can't stand the work in half a leg. But it is quite sarcastic: "what are you I mean?" as all will be transformed. Читать полностью -->

Dima Bilan became `untouchable`

Dima Bilan became `untouchable`Dima Bilan is undeniable that for two years the leader of the Russian show business, and, like any leader, he has enemies or enemies.Price claims to him from these enemies grows in direct proportion to its growing popularity. Recall that the new year 2008 Dima Bilan met already with two lawsuits - one considered in the Moscow city court, the second in Dorogomilovsky court.First encouraged lawyers Dima kept a stiff upper lip, didn't give others reason to think that he is afraid of those proceedings. And after 11 December, the Moscow city court ruled in favor of the plaintiff - "Soyuzkontsert", Dima became nervous. And then there's the main patron and sponsor Victor Baturin has actually renounced singer, leaving him without powerful support.And recently it became clear that Bilan has changed the mobile phone number, moved out of our old office that was in the hotel "Radisson Slavyanskaya" and the address of its new headquarters for its managers forbade anyone to tell.This "siege" situation the singer and his producer Yana Rudkovskaya (she too is being scandalous divorce proceedings with her husband all the same Victor botulinum), apparently, are going to exist before it is considered their complaint to the decision of Moscow city court. As Dima and Yana look forward to the outcome of the meeting Khoroshevsky court over a lawsuit the company "SBA music publishing" to "Soyuzkontsert", says the project is "Paparazzi".We'll see. Although, who knows, maybe Dima just hiding from the military commissioners, who on the eve of the spring draft, eager to put it in tarpaulin boots. Читать полностью -->

Kandelaki fell over the steep cliff

Kandelaki fell over the steep cliffAt a party Tina Kandelaki appeared in a splendid dress with sleeves that cover the wrists, and black fishnet tights, designed to hide from others... fresh scrapes and scratches on the hands and feet of the girl.As it became known "Your DAY", the controversial media personality recently returned from Italy, where almost died, falling down a steep cliff.The speedThe star, who arrived in Rostov-on-don for a corporate party, was delighted with the prepared for her dark blue Jaguar. Seeing the car, she asked for a car a walk in the don capital.Notorious for his penchant for dashing riding Kandelaki remained true to itself.Tina had insisted that the walk took place at the fastest possible pace, " said the representatives of the host star parties.The tragedyAt the party where she was invited as a presenter for a substantial fee, a popular television presenter appeared in a stunning dress and fishnet pantyhose. But despite this "armor", many of the guests noticed on the feet of celebrities severe contusions and abrasions.According to Tina, it was combat wounded."I didn't think someone would pay attention to my feet," said Kandelaki. - I filmed recently in Italy for a fashion magazine, and part of the photo shoot took place in the mountains near lake Como. One day I decided to improvise and came away from the markings on the stones. Читать полностью -->

Lohan does not have time to act in films because of craving for sex

Lohan does not have time to act in films because of craving for sex- Sleeping with Lindsay Lohan, you don't need any effort, told the Italian Alessandro di Nunzio- For example, to me she came by herself and asked if to kiss me. After that we went to the nearest hotel and had sex. She was very experienced, wanted to try everything in all positions. Then she asked me my name and promised to call.However, as journalists found out that Alessandro was not the only person that night was making out with insatiable babe. A couple of hours before her bed jumped another Italian actor Eduardo Costa, and once in a hospitable bed Lohan visited Dario Faiella.Not surprisingly, the movie career of Lindsay on the verge of collapse. With such a tight schedule it's hard to find the time to shoot! Source: Lohan fails to act in films because of craving for sex. Читать полностью -->

The Shakira's performance caused a scandal in Afghanistan

The Shakira's performance caused a scandal in AfghanistanSpeech by Colombian singer Shakira has caused a scandal in Afghanistan, provoking a confrontation between the Afghan government and the independent media, writes The Daily Telegraph.The Ministry of culture with the support of high-ranking Muslim clerics warned the largest private broadcasting company that the screening of the concert singer, popular among young people for the executable on stage belly dancing, will entail serious consequences.Because of the show performances of Shakira, one of the hits which is called Hips Don't Lie ("Hips don't lie"), the TV station Tolo TV was under threat of prosecution from the authorities. The latter intend to take decisive action against the more liberal-minded Newspapers and broadcast media.Shakira led the Afghan authorities in horror even though her Breasts were covered with the help of special computer programs. After that, state television showed interviews with clerics and parliamentarians, recriticality concert. One Pro-government newspaper remembered "infamous" show "naked American pop singer and dancer," saying that he provoked aggressive statements by terrorists."We are confident that the clip Shakira - logo Tolo TV - now showing in training camps where trained suicide suicide that will trigger a number of our immature young people to action, in which their mother will be without children," the newspaper Weesa.Growing up in Australia, the owner of Tolo TV the facade of the mineral Saad said: "the Entry was not so provocative, especially Shakira "tapicerowane". In the government looking for an excuse to attack us. Giving airtime to the Taliban, we "negotiate with terrorists" and when we show people acting with criticism of the government, we are told that we are "opposed to peace and settlement.". Читать полностью -->

Fallen beauty Queen, deprived of the crown

Fallen beauty Queen, deprived of the crown High demands for moral authority of the main beauty of the country impose on many national competitions. After receiving the title of the next "Miss" should be a year to turn into a cross between the Holy and the good fairy.And during and after competitions the participants are under scrutiny - their past and present analyze in search of dirt. And unable to hide anything.In the city of Tucson, Arizona, is the court in the case of an armed attack and kidnapping of the three finalist of the beauty contests of Arizona 25-year-old Kumari Fulbright (Kumari Fulbright), along with three friends, and friends - miss Pima County -2005 and miss Desert Sun -2006 - December 2007 10 hours kept in captivity by her ex-boyfriend.Another "beauty Queen" was less fortunate - miss Nevada Katie Rees was stripped of the title on December 22, 2006, after the appearance of racy photos on the Internet.Dethroned Miss Nevada admitted he was "devastated" when he saw the incriminating photos of her posted on the sites.... "I was shocked. Of course, I'm not proud of it. But, what's done is done. Читать полностью -->

Andrey Karaulov turned the son into a weapon of revenge wife

Andrey Karaulov turned the son into a weapon of revenge wifeAndrey Karaulov, the TV programme "Moment of truth", is hiding in a country house son Vasya. He stole him from his ex-wife Ksenia. The poor mother managed to break through to the child. But soulless guard snatched the crying baby out of her arms like a doll.After attempts Xenia son back she struck more troubles.Four Vasya his mighty dad Andrey Karaulov was taken away from my mother for 40 kilometers from Moscow, in the village of Novoglagolevo Narofominsk district. Here the journalist Barony - three acres of land, enclosed with a three-meter fence, and beautiful house of 500 square meters. To get noticed in the estate - the gate guard post. Читать полностью -->

Julianne Moore will delight children fairy tales

Julianne Moore will delight children fairy talesThe actress in a recent interview confessed that of all tested it crafts the most she had in spirit - writing children's books.Julianne Moore (Julianne Moore), in addition to being the talented actress has already managed to try your hand at fashion. Earlier this year the actress has worked to create a collection together with the famous brand Lutz & Patmos.But now Julianne more is writing children's books, in which she helps her son. Source: Julianne Moore will delight children fairy tales. . . . Читать полностью -->

Jamie Lynn Spears followed in the footsteps of older sister

Jamie Lynn Spears followed in the footsteps of older sisterJamie Lynn Spears probably decided to follow in the footsteps of older sister Britney, and to make a significant contribution to the improvement of the demographic situation in the country. 16-year-old girlfriend is pregnant.The father of the baby was the son of the laborer in paper mill Casey Aldridge, reports RIA "Novosti". Jamie Lynn met him in the Church.How pregnancy will affect future career girl, is still unknown. Spears Jr. plays a major role in the TV series Zoe 101 Nickelodeon.I must say, there is for pregnancy of a young actress reacted calmly."We respect the decision of Jamie Lynn to take responsibility in this situation. We know that this is a difficult time for her and her family, and now our main concern is the welfare of the girl", said in the company's management.The representatives of the girls the situation has not yet commented. Читать полностью -->

Vera Brezhnev gives sick children `world`

Vera Brezhnev gives sick children `world`Ex-"VIA Gra" Vera Brezhnev with his baby, She was held in one of the Kyiv bookstore campaign "give peace", during which he collected books for children-orphans and kids with leukemia.For a six year old Sony is one of the first out, so at first the girl was slightly confused on a step did not depart from his mother and was constantly holding her hand. Brezhnev actively campaigned visitors to take part in the action and give the kids a book, the newspaper "Your day".- I recently became President of the charity Fund "the Ray of faith," said Vera Brezhnev. - Just one day we managed to gather up in the shops of the capital more than 500 books that we will give five children's homes on St. Nicholas Day. Source: Vera Brezhnev gives sick children "world"". . Читать полностью -->

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