Heather mills blames meat eaters in global warming

Heather mills blames meat eaters in global warmingEx-wife of Paul McCartney Heather mills appeared in advertising British vegetarian organisation Viva!, reports The Sun.One of the posters Heather in a gold sparkling dress lying on the scorched earth, as planned by the organizers, pointing out how meat and dairy industry contribute to the greenhouse effect. On another poster, mills cautions that people who eat meat, contribute to global warming.As stated by the organization Viva! with reference to studies by the UN, livestock is the second leading cause the formation of greenhouse gases.In the near future for the whole of Britain will be installed approximately 100 large billboards for the advertising campaign."The startling truth is that animals that are bred for meat and milk, is now one of the biggest threats to the planet. They are behind most of the world's worst environmental disasters. Viva! repeats this for a long time and now the UN data to confirm this. But the authorities are silent and continue to pour subsidies in the dairy industry," says mills.In the moment between Paul McCartney and Heather mills goes loud divorce. Source: Heather mills blames meat eaters in global warming. Читать полностью -->

Memories of friends about Katya Ogonek

Memories of friends about Katya OgonekSinger Katya Ogonek tried not to let his life to strangers. It was enough for her very small circle of close friends. But, of course, friends and acquaintances she had many.Now, when the artist died, they left a lot of memories.Irina Circle, the widow of singer Michael Krug, openly admits that her friends they c Katya Ogonek were not. "You know, we had only a job of some sort, we haven't had time to see and widow recalls the singer. - Mostly all some working moments. We traveled together".But Katia is predicted to Irina love with Michael Around. Читать полностью -->

Eva Polna broke his wrist

Eva Polna broke his wristThe soloist of the group "Guests from the future" Eva Polna injured hands. On the weekend, the singer went with my family to snowboard for the city.This kind of rest for the Shouting still new, but the singer loves all the unknown and decided to conquer the mountain. It seems that the debut was unsuccessful... of Course, in such situations, injuries and bruises are hard to avoid.Eve was no exception to the rule. Down the mountain, she unsuccessfully pulled up and fell right on hand. The result of this landing was a wrist sprain. Читать полностью -->

The most ridiculous star photo of the year

The most ridiculous star photo of the yearPeople magazine has published the top ten most funny pictures of celebrities for 2007. Funny things, awkward postures and unexpected perspectives opened for us, Brad pitt, Britney Spears and David Beckham with new side...First place went to a caring father Brad pitt with two foster children in her arms. Although sexual nipples are more like a nursing mother...In second place - Madonna, soldering Penelope Cruz. Apparently, the Spaniard was very upset, not receiving an Oscar, and Madonna decided to support actress giving a private cocktail party after the ceremony.Studs Jessica Simpson occupy the third place. For the sake of beauty, sometimes you have to sacrifice convenience. The result is a ridiculous pirouettes in the air and a sigh of relief at the realization that managed to stay on his feet.Also in the top ten of the funniest pictures were the language of David Beckham (football player that was happy about the first goal scored for Los Angeles-based team), cemented the hands of George Clooney (just a star on the walk of Fame is not given), the veil Paris Hilton and sombrero Britney Spears.Hopefully, next year, celebrities will continue to delight us with their cute antics, and the paparazzi will have time to capture it all. Читать полностью -->

The cord in the New year plans to drink a Santa Claus

The cord in the New year plans to drink a Santa ClausSergey Shnurov already made a new year's gift. The other day the leader of group "Leningrad" paid for an exotic tour to Lapland. As said Cord, to celebrate the New year in Dreamland - his dream since childhood. And now, it seems, a musician close to the realization of their dreams.Anyway, the tour operators have promised to Sergey that on January 1, he will meet in this ice hut of Santa Claus.All night long I'm getting drunk in the house of Santa Claus, and in the morning with a hangover go ride on a reindeer - says Sergey.Even the plans for a musician to send from Lapland postcard with a print of Santa Claus to all my friends.- Let envy burst, " says Cord.MK-Sunday (#50) Source: the Cord in the New year plans to drink a Santa Claus. . . Читать полностью -->

In sickness Abdulov blame Chinese doctors

In sickness Abdulov blame Chinese doctorsThe famous actor Alexander Abdulov now struggling to overcome the disease. And in a press meanwhile appear reasoning about the possible causes of the disease. Because the problem is not only that Alexander Gavrilovich lung cancer.The problem is in the fact that the disease was discovered almost at the last stage.But when an actor began in unbearable pain, he turned to the doctors. On the advice of friends before starting work on the film "Hyperboloid of engineer Garin" Abdulov went to China.His bad health he cheated on fatigue and stress, and hoped that Chinese experts will help you to cope with this problem. In China Alexander Gavrilovich did now popular medical procedure is acupuncture. It turns out that this technique can worsen the health of cancer patients, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."Alexander Gavrilovic told us that you went to China, where he helped," says an employee of the crew "the Hyperboloid of engineer Garin". Читать полностью -->

Pregnant Yulia Volkova shackled

Pregnant Yulia Volkova shackledThe soloist of the group "Tatu" Yulya Volkova despite a decent time of pregnancy continues to work. Recently, the girl together with my colleague Lena Katina starred in a new video for the song "White robe".In this video Yulia Volkova was injured. The plot of the movie the singer was shackled, which by the end of filming of the ankle in the singer were raw and bleeding, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Lena Katina hurt less, but she had to return to Moscow to come to grips with their health.The fact that the girl was shot in the clip almost without clothes. The pavilion was only six degrees, and the filming went on all night. It is no wonder that Lena has a cold.On the idea of Director Katina was described as a "moth". So the outfit I remember was appropriate - from the clothes she was wearing only a set of black lingerie.The video was shot in Los Angeles, on the territory of Central treatment facilities of the city. Читать полностью -->

The ranking of the most ugly celebrities from MAXIM

The ranking of the most ugly celebrities from MAXIM Not all Hollywood stars feel the need to wear a scary mask for Halloween. Some in and of themselves, look good the night of the awakening of the evil spirits and dark forces. Ugly stars and their faces tells Maxim magazine.Jocelyn Wildenstein was pretty rosy-cheeked Swiss girl until she married a billionaire who loved cats. Wanting to bring into the image of his wife more cat shit, husband disfigured Jocelyn series of plastic surgeries.The woman made several silicone injections in the lips, chin and cheeks, making her face partly and began to resemble a cat, but of gigantic size.Not finding in each other the ideal, the couple filed for divorce.It is difficult to find suitable adjectives to describe all the ugliness of the lips, Donatella Versace. We can only guess how much silicone they were drugged. Unnecessary expressive lips Versace are complemented with deep wrinkles, which runs from the nose to the corners of the mouth.It would be better musician ACE Frehley is not washed off your makeup from the face, and wear "war paint" constantly. Читать полностью -->

Sogdiana gave birth to a boy

Sogdiana gave birth to a boyThe singer of hits "Blue sky" and "Heart-magnet" and a graduate of "factory of stars" became a mother.As planned, Sogdiana had sired the boy. The father of the firstborn and the singer's husband, Indian businessman, don't hide your happiness. The baby was born in one of the capital's hospitals strong and healthy.Although pregnancy in Sogdiana was held with complications, now a young mother feels great. The name of the boy's parents have not yet chosen. Following Indian custom, we'll be able to only think on the thirteenth day after birth of the baby.How soon she could return to work, is still unknown, but the husband is not eager to see wife on stage. Source: Sogdiana gave birth to a boy. Читать полностью -->

Fetishists stole Galustian red boxers

Fetishists stole Galustian red boxersThat only happened during the time until the show "Ice age" was aired the first button. Even managed to divorce the famous skaters Ilia Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva.Journalists isosceles saliva on the fact that the same Alexander Zhulin and Tatiana skill sets. However, this was only a rumor.- I was sent a love relationship with Marat Basharov, but this is nonsense, is outraged Navka. - We are friends, nothing more.- An affair my wife with Marat is PR us that it couldn't be better, " says Alexander Zhulin, who Navka allegedly cuckolded. Every time I read such publications, we are just having fun to the fullest.At the final stage have changed the rules of the show.- In the interests of the project decided not to expel any couple, said on the channel. - Were the strongest. Читать полностью -->

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